Couldnt used motor oil be filtered and refined into some sort of fuel or by- product, to lessen the burden on?

The must be billions of gallons a year taken in by oil change buisinesses, etc. I know some of this is filtered and resold as recycled motor oil, but couldnt it be refined into a fuel of some sort, or into the many by-products of raw oil, so more of the raw oil could be used for gasoline. By the way, I have begun…

The recycling of motor oil is already pretty well established. Our local place sells theirs to the same place as Wal-mart: it gets trucked to Louisiana where they get the worst of the contaminants out of it and re-sell it as fuel for ships, which can burn darn near anything you can pour into a tank.

There also are or were re-refining operations–small ones–that very large fleet operations use to recycle their motor oil.

It is already recycled and in some cases is used as fuel. The amount of oil used is pretty small compared to the amount of gasoline that cars use though. With my oil change schedule I burn about 200 gallons of gas for every 1 gallon of oil changed.

you mean after you take it to the recycle center? recycled into a lighter weight of oil. in an engine, some goes as “blow by” and gets burnt up in the cylinder. or if the seals, gaskets and sealed bearings are failing, then some can migrate into the coolant system, and also just leak out onto the ground, or when an oil change is done by someone who doesn’t care about the environment, the oil ends up eventually either in the ground>ground water supply, or lakes and streams, and from there into the food chain, so eventually, in the little organisms that are eaten by the bigger ones, and so on to the little fish that are eaten by the bigger fish, and somewhere along the line put on our table at dinner. pretty much used oil, ends up back inside of us one way or another… controlling us much like that “oil” on the “X-files” gee wonder if that was a metaphor…

it is being used only not driving with but driven on. Used motor oil is the key ingredient to most asphalt mixtures. 90% of all used motor oil recycled is used in this fashion. there are heating methods for used oil but the emissions are too harsh for the eco friendly environment. Many homes in the early 1940’s were heated with oil. As were they heated with coal. no one heats with any of these methods today in there residence but there are a lot of garages and machine shops that do so today. hope this helps.

Once it was sent back to in oil purification process,and returned to gas stations in special bottles, and sold at discounted reclaimed oil for the crankcase. Navy ships are constantly purifying lubrication oil, and we are talking several barrels, and minimized loss, consumption and leaking. Oil does not wear out, it gets contaiminated. You have something there, it could be converted to fuel for diesel, and would not need a large refinery to be built, so the process could start quickly.

Usually, used motor oil is recycled and used back as motor oil.

Oil is oil…if it were refined and used as fuel, then the price of motor oil would go up as supplies of recycled product would decrease.

Last we knew, places like Walmart and Neal Tire were taking used oil from people who change their own. Check it out in your area, God bless you!

Oil furnaces are LARGELY used in New Jersey homes still. (And a killer for heating at $4.00 a gallon.)

its recycled in many ways…and stop it with the bogus browns gas….

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