Are Muslim countries acting like Germany did in WWII?

By effectively blocking Israelis from leaving Israel by land? It may not have a literal fence around the entire state of Israel, but isn’t an invisible wall the same thing?

Just to correct some people here:

The Israel security fence was built purely to REDUCE suicide bombings. It did – by an amazing 90%.

No other nation, bar Israel, gets bashed for DECREASING ISLAMIC TERRORISM.

To the asker: you’re a troll, and a poor one at that.

What are you talking about ?!

Israel is behaving like Germany in world war II. Heard of Gaza, anyone? Some muslim countries boycott Israeli goods, and Syria if you have a passport saying you have been to Israel will not let you in since it does not want to risk a spy.

Jordan and Egypt and Turkey are at peace with Israel, and Saudi Arabia isn’t doing anything to Israel. Israel is occupying territories of Syria which it was supposed to give back to do Resolution 242, and Israel keeps refusing a Palestinian state and just approved 900 more houses; how is there supposed to be peace if Israel keeps not letting the Palestinians have their own state and continues building? is it going to keep building until there is no more land left?

Israel cramps up all the gaza palestinians, more than 400,000, into a small piece of land, doesn’t give them enough water, medicine, or heat, does not let them export strawberries or carnation, etc. as Israelis enjoy nice long warm baths, a plethora of hospitals, American backed security, etc. And Israel is still the “victim”?

This comparison makes no sense. What wall are you talking about in WWII? the Berlin Wall? That was built by Russian communists after WWII to keep East Germans from fleeing into West Germany. The Muslim states surrounding Israel came into existence after the fall of the Ottoman Empire just prior to WW1. Britain took over much of the Palestine area during WW2 as they drove the Germans from there and it was from Britain that Israel fought for and created the state of Israel in 1948.

This state originally included Arab Palestinians, Jewish Palestinians and Jewish refugees from Europe and immigrants from America. Many Arab Palestinians were stirred up by pro-Islamic preachers who did not like the modernization that was going on in the Muslim world after the break up of the Ottoman Empire. Since Israel was a modern secular state, they encouraged Palestinian Muslims to leave and go to Muslim countries nearby. None of the Muslims countries would accept these Muslims but eventually both Egypt and Syria attacked Israel in an attempt to return Palestine to predominantly Muslim rule. They both lost these wars to Israel and some land as well.

What about Israeli building a ghetto wall to block civilians into Gaza? I don’t see many people from Gaza with freedom of movement…

I’m not against the state of Israel, I believe that it has a right to exist. However, while it continues to openly violate human rights and be allowed to get away with it, then it cannot work. Oh, and the scum in Hammas are no better.

I really hope that both sides can come to agreement soon, this should have been sorted a long time ago…

Peace Be Upon You


That’s probably a response to Israeli policies and actions against them. They did start a war with their neighbors and are disenfranchising non-Jewish residents in the land they occupying, speaking of a literal fence.

Even if they didn’t have a political reason, not allowing land travel is not at all comparable. So no, Muslim countries are not acting like Germany did in WWII.

No, they’re not.

Whether the Arab governments might want to liquidate all the Jews in Israel is another question, but they’re not actually doing it. Even though some Israelis are terrified that they might.

Meanwhile, Israel is kind acting towards the inhabitants of Gaza as the Germans acted towards the residents of the Warsaw Ghetto, aren’t they?

Just tightening & tightening the blockade, keeping food and needed medical supplies from entering the Gaza strip, and wrecking the economy, in hopes of beating an entire people into submission?

The Israelis can take care of themselvesw

I would never draw a parallel between the Nazis and the Arabs unless the Arabs were to fire up some gas chambers and get a whole lot more cruel. for cruelity and inhuman barbarism, the Nazis remain unparalleled in modern times.

Why does Israel matter so freaking much? Sure it’s spiritual, but seriously?

That’s one place that just needs to be sunk into the Mediterranean some how, it’s a mess.

And Andy cares about the garbage news constantly coming out of the place.

This news is constantly flooding U.S. newspapers and TV, it’s freaking ridiculous, I’m tired about hearing about Gaza, and the Taliban, and Hamas…

I’m not saying it doesn’t matter, but oh my god people are completely fixated on this crap.

well considering the fact that Israel is acting like Nazi Germany and committing crime against Palestinians against UN Resolutions, its unfair to judge the Muslim Countries

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