Writers: Do you ever get tired of how most books have flawless characters?

Especially on Y!A everybody is posting something about a book they’re writing, fishing for good names, asking if this is a good story plot, and even posting a bit of the book for criticism. Some of them end up being pretty good, original. Others drive me nuts.

The things I really hate the most is finding a…

I don’t like seeing this on Y!A because I feel sorry for the writers – they don’t have the ability to make 3d, interesting characters. As for books I read, I tend not to encounter this problem because they’re written by competent authors who know that looks aren’t everything.
Do you find that you prefer books where the characters looks aren’t mentioned? I do because then I can let my imagination run paint the picture of the characters looks. I don’t like it when I have an idea of what they look like and then it’s ruined by over-description of the characters looks. I can’t stand those perfect, pretty-girl characters because they’re just unrealistic. All the people like that that I know in real life are horrible people with sour personalities.

So yes, I hate it when I come across a ‘perfect’ character because it’s unrealistic. I like flawed looks and personalities. because they make for easy to relate to characters.


It is an honest rookie mistake, it’s easy to write about people that are the ‘ideal’ and think that’s interesting and actually make it interesting, it is kind of harsh to post peoples examples, unless you just made those examples up.
Personally, I’m guilty of this, not so much now, the last character I wrote the was beautiful (blood red hair, purple irises, fantasy novel character) to balance this I made her bat-**** crazy. But I do tend to write beauty from perspective, I’ll have a character and not even really mention her looks more than to describe them in sentence (she tied her dark hair back, or, her blue eyes seemed to narrow with an animal like focus) but then I might have a character that thinks she’s the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen and another one that doesn’t get it, thinks she’s just kind of ‘meh’
As far as personality goes, the character with the perfect personality bothers me a hell of a lot more than the one who looks perfect, the beautiful girl, that’s the life of the party and the sweetest most empathetic person you’ll ever meet. Doesn’t fly with me, if someone wanted to write a character like that they could fix all of this by giving them, even just one, big flaw; She’s beautiful, fun, sweet, but a little racist. Or just something awful that would offset all that perfection.

Well that happens with new writers. They don’t know any better about the importance of character development and so they focus on more superficial aspects of their characters as a means to illustrate to the reader what type of person the character is. This is something that will only change if they continue writing so bad mouthing them for constantly having flawless characters is going to discourage them and turn them off of writing which they shouldn’t do. They just need to practice and realize a character is not skin deep.

Ugh, I hate that. It makes me not want to read the book or even bother looking at it anymore. If I see questions with comments like that, I tell them straight up they’re writing a Mary Sue and give them flaws. Which they may or may not listen to me. But hey, at least I said something.

Yeah, my MC is pretty, but that’s because she’s supposed to be. She’s a fairy and fairies are beautiful-which is something mentioned in the book. But I don’t go on and on about how pretty she is. She’s also kinda average. And I give her flaws and talk about them. I give her personality so she’s not just a pretty face.

Yes I see a lot of people post story ideas which have beautiful characters. To be honest sometimes there’s a reason why they’re beautiful and they have different flaws, like personality flaws. What I don’t like is when they are beautiful AND everything goes well for them.

My main character is pretty average, I’d say.
I mean, she’s shorter than most girls, about 5 feet, and she has average hair, with average eyes, and quite honestly, nothing too striking about her.

But I mean, everyone who’s characters are perfect, they got it all wrong. No one is perfect, and they can’t seem to understand that. And if the main character is popular too, then I would definitely not read their stories, because I hate the drama that popularity causes.

“It’s about a girl named Ashley. Ashley is beautiful long brown hair shining green eyes tall thin…”

I saw that question, too ^^^

Do you like my story? 10 points for BA ….no crap, you can’t give us 9 points for BA or 11.

Even in some published books they are like that – cough, cough house of night cough, cough

Yeah, I agree. That’s why I like Katniss Everdeen. She isn’t stunning in looks, people hate her in the story for her…

I agree! Its very annoying. Usually the other woman or the best friend will be a plain Jane. Unless that character is an actress or a model it is unrealistic.


Most of the time when people post they have all these perfect characters. I try my hardest to make sure my characters have flaw like a regular human being like: Being a loser or growing up in the slu, having some antisocial qualities, being a tad to friendly, being to honest. Because everyone else who writes about these perfect mary-sues usually have them living the party life–and really no one wants to read about that. Just like this one book I was reading, Zoey Deans talent or something like that. I got bored halfway through! Her life was just was to glitz and glamor…and that’s like watching reality TV and I hate reality TV

But that’s the thing…everyone is just caught up in thinking everyone wants to read about the fab life when people really want to read about the raw cutting edge adventures. Books about people like Katniss who have to work hard just to get something worth smiling about. Not because your daddy can buy you things to make you smile.
One day people will realize the perfects aren’t really whats in.

Yes, but I guess they are trying to lure in their audience.

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