Will a michigan advanced drivers license be valid if flying to and from canada?

As stated in question, my girlfriend only has the advanced michigan driver licesne but no passport. I know she can cross by land, but will that be valid for air travel and back?

A regular passport is require to travel by air.


A British driving force’s license is fairly valid in the two usa and Canada. the sole objective in the back of a international driving force’s License is to translate the archives on the driving force’s license into the language of the country you’re travelling. Many regulation enforcement officers in the two usa and Canada can examine the English revealed on a British driving force’s license with out a lot worry. an identical can not be suggested for the German driving force’s license.

For air travel, crossing an International border, you MUST have a valid US passport .Period.

Jim B


That drivers license is only for land border. You must have a valid US passport.

I think you mean “enhanced” not advanced drover’s license, and no, you need a passport for air travel.

Air travel: PASSPORT.

Ryan, point blank, “no”, passport is required when flying.

No, it isn’t valid for air travel…

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