Why r a lot of PETA supporters pro-choice when it comes 2 abortion when they r against any killing of animal?

The killing of both animals and people should be important to PETA people. I think it is wrong to put the life of an animal before the life of a human being and a woman who is pregnant has a life in her even if it is only a single-celled organism or an embryo or a fetus. So it is wrong to say that it is alright…

Because peta members are effing nut cases. I worked with an extremely pro choice woman at an animal hospital. A pregnant dog was brought in to get fixed, which ultimately meant they were going to be performing an abortion on her pups. This woman was raging. She was so pissed at the owner for aborting those poor puppies. Yet she’d rally for the right to abort your unborn child. I’ll never understand those people. Dont get me wrong, I felt bad for those poor puppies and thought the decision was wrong too – but I cant imagine being pro choice for people but pro life for animals.

I’m pro life, and an animal lover. I respect the lives of humans and animals.

Peta gives a bad name to true animal lovers.

in spite of the reality that i’m professional-determination, I certainly have one advice and it somewhat is preparation, in particular *finished and correct* intercourse preparation. we will not quit what’s happening now (“properly they might desire to no longer have had intercourse” isn’t a answer), yet there are procedures to assist stay away from it interior the destiny. Abstinence only courses do no longer look very useful. intercourse preparation could contain issues like human anatomy, hormonal and actual variations, reproduction, numerous styles of birth control (definite, abstinence secure), and wellbeing (e.g. STDs). those training could relate to those have already had sexual intercourse, are thinking it, *and* to those who have not yet had intercourse. There are people who’ve lost their virginity, think of there is not any going returned, and proceed risky sexual practices. related to undesirable pregnancies now, I do lean in the direction of bringing the fetus to term, yet i does no longer prefer to disclaim the different option. Making abortion unlawful could cut back the abortion fee, yet that doesn’t assure the properly being of all and sundry. possibly with an entire, acceptable, and accessible intercourse preparation, human beings might prepare healthful behavior (the two abstinence or acceptable use of birth control to stay away from being pregnant & STDs). Then there does no longer be any choose for abortions different than for the extremes.

Animals don’t have abortions. They are separate issues. PETA deals with the fair treatment of animals.

That’s like asking why the IRS doesn’t support gay marriage.

One has nothing to do with the other.

People make choice. Animals abused, beaten and tortured to death it another thing entirely.

Pro-Choice does not equal Pro-Abortion, it just gives women
the right to choose weather or not to get an abortion!
You know what happens when you make abortion illegal?
People go around in alleys and get them done illegally, and they
and up getting diseases!

if you can’t see the difference btwn killing a sentient animal and aborting a non-sentient embryo/fetus, then there is no hope for you.

I know this is gross, but I’d rather see a human die than an animal.

PETA people are psychos!

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