Why Obama will win in November.?

Obama will Win in November because Number one He is already the president and that gives him more experience than Romney, Number two nobody believes that Romney can identify with a middle class Hard working American. Number 3 Romney is a Republican and everybody knows that it was Under the republicans watch that…

President Obama will win because his supporters will come out in record numbers.

The GOP tried to suppress my grandmother from voting with the voter ID laws, but she got it together and is rearing to go.

She can’t wait to vote for President Obama. And neither can I.

I do know a a few states that vote for Kerry in 2004 will go for McCain this time around, Michigan for the reason that obama didn’t wanted to have a election there that counts. And Pennsylvania which is my dwelling state. For the reason that he misplaced the democrat election here. This state has many reasonable Reagan Democrats in it. This will have to be an awfully close race. Its like my dwelling city of Philadelphia vs the rest of the state. I consider this time McCain should win in view that allot of democrats is not going to vote this election or vote McCain. So I may just put this state in McCain column. The west coast states would additionally go for McCain Oregon and Washington might very good go for McCain. And even california is also so much closer for a metamorphosis do to Arnold Arnold schwarzenegger and Arizona is next to it. The first-rate lakes states and midwest state execept for Michigan will have to go for Obama. Also possibly McCain can stole one or two states in New England too. But it will be tough as a result of Ted Kennedy and John Kerry since they both are from there. But, i will be able to New Jersey or new york going for McCain as well. New york is where Hillary is from and New Jersey is a from side to side state, despite the fact that latey it is a democrat state.. However why do I care I going to vote unbiased anyhow. I simply find the stats are exciting. I’ve a feeling McCain will get as a minimum 3 states that voted for Kerry last time. And Obama my decide on up another small states in the mid west or quality plains discipline that Bush picked up last time. But it will not be sufficient to beat McCain because of those Obama turns over.

no! Obama will win because the establishment GOP pissed of the Ron Paul Supporters and now well vote for Gary Johnson handing the election to the Prez.

evreyone is talking about tax returns, birth certificates, jobs, Mormonism, Obama care, these things dont matter as much as limited Gov’t, Federal Reserve, the Constitution , and Ending-The-Fcking-Wars.

Obama doesn’t care and Romney doesnt care. its just a big game to them

He wins because Romney can’t win without the support of the Libertarians

i agree with you totally , why do the republicans think romney is going to win i dont understand , are they even checking the polls obama has been leading since day one , if he is so bad and hated so much why this should be a landslide for romney but its not

Obama/Biden 2012 FTW!!!!

He will win. I love Obama…and he will WIN. Don’t listen to these other negative idiots that had to make some dumb comments.

“It’s the Economy Stupid”…so Obama will lose and deserves to lose.

so this really isnt a question more than a statment…with a quwstion mark at the end

Dream on , buddy. He will not win and he will be lucky if he does not end up in jail!

I agree with everything you said.

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