Why do black men get so agressive and angry when they see black women date white men ?

Black men please answer! they date white women all the time, but when we do it they call us sluts and whores and dirty bitches! whats up with that?

Double standards.

I think it has to do with the double standard and also seeing a member of your race (opposite sex) with someone of another race (some peoople would get kind of possessive in this case). I have heard of cases where black women, white men, white women and black men get offended at sights of black m/white f and white m/black f couplings. I personally dont get offended when I see black men and white women together, because to me, they are just another couple…and just like all other couples, if its meant to last, it will, but if its not, it wont. I have experienced hateful comments directed towards me and my dates/boyfriends who are always white, mostly by some black men who end up looking like pathetic fools. A black gfriend of mine has experienced a white woman trying to flirt with her white boyfriend when they were on a date……the white woman really had issues obviously, since she couldnt respect peoples choices. I am for interracial couples and I would say ignore all the haters and be happy with your choices, as long as there arent any hidden motives involved.

And to Jamonican, White men dont only date asians and Latinas. They date Black americans, African, Indian, Native American women etc…….and also, the skin of chinese people isnt white.

Do your thing girl and Goodluck!!

Who care about color. Yeah right, now you know racism still exist. I think you need to stop worrying what people think . If you want to date outside if your race then do so. I didn’t’ think white men cared for black women as much as the black man with a white female. Who cares have fun, try dating Chinese, Spanish, Indian, Italian, Irish what ever. Their skin is white too.

It is shame that there is so much race animosity in the world. I find women often get upset when black men date white women, I am white and do not date other races. It is not because of any prejudices. I just do not want to be the cause of any race animosity.

With 71% of births in the black community out of wedlock and most black men cant commit to a family and take responsibility for his children he has no right to get angry if a black women wants more then a player.

Because they think were sell outs. They have this complex of thinking that they own us, and that we should stick to our own. It’s very hypocritical for someone to date outside of their race, and then get mad when when someone from their race dates someone from another race. I think it’s being racist. I don’t listen to this bull crap, and I won’t let anybody tell me what to do, and make me feel bad about what I’m doing. I’ll date whoever I want, and if black men have a problem with that then that’s just what it is, THEIR PROBLEM!!!
Luckily I have never had this problem when I dated outside of my race. I will continue to do so, and I won’t let anyone bring me down because of my own personal choice. Were all humans so it doesn’t matter.

My wife is black and I have dated black women for most of my life and never had a problem from any black guys.

It’s called having double standards. These men need to get over themselves. If it’s okay for men to date outside of their race, it should be okay for Black women. Hey, if Black men don’t want us there are plenty of other men who do.

You should have said “some” because you’re going to get accused of generalizing.

Anyway, to answer that, I’m with a white man now and my black guy friends aren’t getting aggressive and angry or anything.

There are people of all races who think we should “stick with our own”. Ignore them.

I am balck and have no qualms with a black woman dating a white man. That’s her choice. I think you are generalising as all my friends (black men) have no problem with black women dating white men.

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