Why are women still having trouble fully supporting Barack Obama, who supported Hillary Clinton?

Hillary Clinton lost the Democratic nomination and their support now belong to Barack Obama 100*! His is the 2008 Democratic nominee winner! Hillary lost, they need to get over it, come back to earth and support the winner Barack Obama in the general election. Hillary will not be on the ticket, that has been…

Obama has very strong support among women. And, at least two thirds of Clinton supporters, male or female, now back Obama. Not bad. A significant number of her supporters are the “Reagan Dems” who tend to vote for Republicans in national elections. I doubt he could ever convince such people.

Why are Neocons clinging to the notion that McCain will find tremendous support among Clinton’s supporters? Polls show it ain’t happening.

She may have lost the nomination but she is not a loser. Baracka is the loser. Just wait until November and watch the riots after he loses. He is not fit to be President. He is a racist. He was elected using dirty politics. His past which he works very hard to pretend doesn’t exist, is full of radicalism, poor choices, poor judgment, questionable friends, adulterous homosexual affairs, and teeming with lies. Even in his ads he wants people to think he grew up working class in Kansas when in fact he grew up in Hawaii and attended an exclusive private school from the age of ten. He was not raised by a single mother. He was raised by his married grandparents. I hate Bush but would vote for him if he were running against Baracka.

does anyone know that its just not women that are pissed off how hillary was screwed by the dnc. the mentality that its just women and overlooking millions of men that supported Hillary is going to be a real eye opening election eve. when Obama goes down the tube.

fact is , hillary has more delegates than obama. and why should someone ‘get over’ believing in a candidate. ur talking about two different people. Ideals, and ideas. u have a right to think what u want and so does everybody else.

Women did get over it ,that’s why we Hillary supporters are voting for MC CANE . We don’t owe Barak Obama one S**t . Obedience ? You sound like a jerk who hates women… Did someone hurt you that bad ?….bd

wow, you’re stupid if you think this “lecture” would get people to vote for barack, you really think sex has anything to do with this? I have an idea! maybe people aren’t voting for obama because they know he won’t make a good president, ever think of that one mister smarty pants? RIDICULOUS!

I totally agree. He is sooooo cute!!! So even if the women aren’t black, they can vote for him because he is soooooo cute!!!
We know Obama loves women. That’s why he calls them SWEETIE when he blows them off.
If I was a woman I would vote for Obama. He may call me SWEETIE and I’ll just wet my pants!!!!!!! That’s what we need in the White House!!!!
A WINNER who thinks we are ALL morons.

Wow, is that a lecture I read!……Maybe they just don’t like the joker, after all JUST because he says hes a Dem which he is not he’s a Marxist, doesn’t mean they HAVE TO VOTE FOR HIM.

Could it be that they really don’t think he would make a good President……..OH, that they should dare to vote against the Dem’s. even if the clown they put up is really dumber than dumb. At least Hillary was her own PERSON.

they will vote for Obama.

they just wanted a female President, because Hillary is a female just like them.

Maybe because he’s a lunatic socialist? That’s why I have a problem with him. If the election was in May, he would’ve gotten my vote. Now, the only way I’m voting for him is if he’s the only name on the presidential ballot in November… thankfully, that is highly unlikely.

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