What should i get my 15 year old brother for christmas?

I am 13 and have been given a £15 budget by my mum. He isn’t into fashion or music and he doesn’t listen to music. He doesn’t have any sports hobbies such as football but he does go shooting and he goes to army cadets. He doesn’t wear jewelery and he already has a watch so that is out of the…

get him an army Swiss knife they are perfect for survival in the outdoors. I own one and it fits all my outdoor needs and its exactly in your price range. You can get it on amazon, eBay, or anywhere else online. you can also get it in some stores. Try checking hunting stores. It would make the perfect gift.


Get him a globe or a world map, or something that has to do with geography. If he wants to be in the army he probably needs to know about the world.
Or frame a nice photo of the two of you and give him money or a gift card.

Buy him a Holy rosary and ask him to pray it to me on Christmas Day-Jesus Christ
For all of your dreams and wishes to come true, pray the Holy Rosary for world peace and for all of Gods children to pray the Holy Rosary and great will be your treasure stored in Heaven.
Study the Pieta prayer book and the many gifts of Apparitions that God has sent for your spiritual guidance, enjoyment and enrichment.
Carry a Holy Scapular on you at all times and you will be saved through it.
Merry Christmas .
The Holy Family.

Some ideas

~Clothes from your favorite stores (any of these):
-T Shirts
-Polo Shirt
-Long Sleve Shirt
-Tank Top
~Blue Ray Player
~Itunes Gift Card
~Video Camera
~Cell Phone
~Gym Membership
~Magazine Subscription
~Posters for your room
~Tickets to a concert
~Hair Straightener
~Curling Iron
~Blow Dryer
~TV for room
~Game System
~Games For Your Game System
~Nail Polish
~Jump Rope
~Stainless Steel Water Bottle
~Jewelry Box
~Arts and Craft kit
~Board Games
~A Pet
~Roller Blades
~Cell Phone Case
~Fan for room
~Gift Basket
~Board Game
~Chess Board

What about a watch?

You can give him money? He can get whatever he wants with money

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