Myspace Layouts? Easy 10 pts!!!?

Where can i find myspace layouts that no one has, what i mean by that is, i want layouts that are really unique and rare and not many people have them. Can you people give me a site that has layouts like that. 10 pts for best site given?

Dont give me sites that are common like Pimpmyprofile because i have…

pretty good check it out

Hey these are all my favorite sites and the have really cool layouts and comments or generators…Hope u like it as much as I do & hope this helps…Have a Great Day…

i use
they have like almost over 100 layouts of every kind.
they alaso have myspace codes to put on ur profile. =]

here are some safer sites you can check them out also get the codes that you want to choosen from too. backgrounds

well good luck .

well.. if theyre on a website.. plenty of people probably already have them but here

this is my favorite layout site
no one has them
but u have too add this layout person to get them

these are pretty rare, i never see anyone using em and they have tons of unique ones you just gotta browse,

Well well. If you really want to be unique, I suggest you handcode them yourself [;

Try some of these site:

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