My theory about homosexuals…?

I don’t know if this is a widely accepted theory or not, though this is what I think about Gays. I think sexual preference is a preference, not genetics, nor a choice. Similar to how some people like snowboarding, and some like gardening, and some like woodworking. I think it’s influenced by things around…

I disagree. Psychology studies show that correlation in twin studies show a high correlation in sexuality between the 2 offspring leaning towards the notion that sexuality is genetic. Also If homosexuality was in fact a preference where you could just flawlessly decide to stop being sexually attracted to woman or men, then why is there are so many homosexuals who cry and commit suicide for being gay when they can supposedly just prefer the opposite sex as you say.

But I do think the that there is a confusion going on, my reason for people going in and out of homosexulity/bi/hetero is because of the level of sexual attraction towards a certain gender in which some it is high and some it is low, and as a result some sexual orientations of low sexual attraction towards a certain gender is easily malleable by society and environment thus the mind adapts to such changes attempting to convince or hide or toss aide such low levels or high levels of attraction to a particular sex.
To put into laments term: Think of those cases where these senators or famous politicians out themselves, and everyone is shocked and appalled because they were married. It is not because they suddenly became gay, it because the homosexuality attraction was always there but because of the environment it was forced into hiding submission thus subconsciously the mind fights thoughts and urges either by your own will or outside pressure. You always here the same thing “I always have been gay but because of where I was I couldn’t be open with it” it varies but the message stays the same. Sexuality does not change, but what you actually act out upon does.

Being gay isn’t a choice. If it was, no one would choose it due to the way that so many nazi pinheads (you might call them religious freaks) act. And if anyone thinks that it’s is a choice (naysayers pay attention), then that means anyone can choose to be gay, right? Well, if that’s the case, then that means anyone can choose to be straight as well. That’s only logical. So, why did you choose to be straight? Think about that for a while. You never chose because it’s basically (in simplest terms) programmed into your brain. And if it is a choice, then you be gay. Sit down for five minutes and try to make yourself attracted to the same gender. Go ahead and try it. I guarentee you, it won’t happen. You can’t choose to be gay. It’s just not possible to choose that.

There was a study done on the chemical balances in the brains of 90 individuals. Some were homosexual, some were heterosexual, some were bisexual. It was determined that the chemical balance in a gay males brain were very similar to a straight females brain. Same goes for a lesbians to a straight males. Depending on which gender the bisexual preferred more, determined what his brain’s chemicals were more simlar to. I’ll explain that part of it later.

These chemicals balances are most likely caused by genes. Now most people say, “Well there’s no gay gene, so that’s not possible.” According to science, it is a not a choice. Scientists discovered that women tend to have more children when they inherit the same genetic factors which is linked to homosexuality in men. This fertility boost more than compensates for the lack of offspring fathered by gay men, and continues the “gay” genetic factors in circulation. Gay men have three clustered chromosomes: 7, 8, and 10, which determine the sexual orientation. Being homosexual is inherited in the genes, and is neither a disease nor a sickness.

“Genetic investigations provide strong evidence for a heritable component to male and female sexual orientation,” Rahman Q et. al.; School of Psychology, University of East London

“The survival of a human predisposition for homosexuality can be explained by sexual orientation being a polygenetic trait that is influenced by a number of genes,” Miller EM.; University of New Orleans.

We only know of 5% of what the human genome does. 95% of the human genome is labeled as Junk DNA ( ). It’s also believed that this Junk DNA has an impact on sexual orientation, as well as other things.

When someone is maturing through their teenage years, chemicals in their brain get distorted and for a period of time they find the same sex attractive.

There was this 1-9 scale made by a doctor (who’s name I cannot remember at the moment) that explained sexuality. It is an adaption of the Kinsey Scale. A 1 is someone who was 100% straight. A 2 is someone who is bi-curious, and would most-likely experiment a little bit at one point in there life, and if they found someone of the same gender that they were more emotionally, rather than physically attracted to, would pursue them. People in between, a 1.5 are less likely to experiment, but if they found the right person… A 3-4 is someone who is bisexual, but more attracted to the opposite gender rather than their own. A 5-7 is someone who is bisexual, but prefers the same gender over the opposite. I fall at 4 because I find women only slightly more attractive than I find men (which is ironic considering there are way hotter guys at my school than girls). An 8 is someone who is gay, but would perhaps experiment (not very likely unless they’re in denial), and if they found the right person… And of course, a 9 is someone who is full on gay. The full on gays are the ones that are typically more flamboyant. My best friend is actually at an 8.5, and has been dating his boyfriend for three years, and they’re both still in high school.

I hope this helped you a little bit.

I agree with the first half of your theory (not genetics but not a choice) but there really aren’t that many gays who are gay one day then straight the next and usually the ones like that are either bisexual and attracted to both at the same time, but takes interest in only one gender at a time, or they’re just experimenting. Real gays very rarely change sexualities.

Male homosexuality in humans is a bit of a conundrum in terms of evolution. Nonetheless, there are several ways in which gay men could be selected for in human evolution. The current thinking is that there is a gene variation which increases fertility in women, at the expense of causing homosexuality in men. The selective advantage due to the increased female reproduction seems to outweigh the disadvantage in males of fewer children – and so the gene variant remains in the population. (Remember that many male homosexuals actually have children, so it isn’t that they don’t reproduce, it is that they reproduce fewer times.) Another idea is that a male homosexual who helps raise his siblings’ children loses his own reproduction, but still ensures the propagation of half of his genes. This is known as kin selection, and would also keep the gene variant in the population. A third possibility is that mutations arise frequently in a gene, and these mutations cause male homosexuality. Even though the particular variants are fairly strongly selected against, since new variants would arise continuously the trait would remain in the population. There are well known genes with high mutation rates, as well as documented mutation hot spots in our chromosomes, but as yet none of these have been linked to male homosexuality – but this remains a possible explanation. There are other possibilities as well. In the end, though, the data is clear that there is a genetic component to male homosexuality (i.e. identical twins raised separately will usually have the same sexual preference). If we don’t understand how that genetic component actually works, then the fault is ours because nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution.

It is good reasoning–and it does seem somewhat logical. But I don’t think the chance of being gay has anything to do with interests and choices, if that’s what you’re getting at.

It’s been proven that gay people have an extra membrane of neurons covering their brains. And it depends a lot of the conditions of the fetus during gestation. If the mother has lupus there is a very big cance of the baby to be gay.
As much as I wish, we cannot choose to be gay just like straight people annot choose to be straight.

Personally, I don’t see why someone would be gay just for the fun of it… You’re rejected by people who you thought were you’re friends, you get mean looks from some people, and it’s just overall hard to be gay… I’m sure that if it was a choice thing, most people would pick being straight… so then why are there so many homosexuals? beats me… but it makes me happy thinking about it 🙂

Well it is called sexual “preference” right lol But your kinda on, with the Nature vs Nurture idea. that’s how most things are categorized when it comes to peoples preferences. I think the “in and out” phase is common in teens and is called hormones. I’m not gay, and most gays will claim they were born they way they were, so being non-gay I cant really say. My statement is, “Even if your born gay, how you react to that is a choice”

That’s kind of the way I see it. Like, everyone finds different things beautiful, and some just so happen to find people of the same sex attractive. I don’t think it’s choice, just personal taste.

Most Gay Men, if not all Gay Men, don’t go “in and out” of their homosexual “phase”. I think you need to work on your theory.

I think its genetic mother natures way to weed out bad traits to the future gene pool

Attractiveness, location, fertility: these things all are factors. Why shouldn’t inclination be also?

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