My parents are completely unfair to me? almost neglectful?

So my parents have 3 kids, an 18 year old son, 15 year old daughter (me) and an 11 year old daughter. I’m not just trying to be a whiny teenager, i’ve even had friends and family members ask me why my parents treat me so differently, – in a bad way.

my brother : hes 18, he goes to community college, and…

As stated in an above comment, you cannot catch a cold simply from being cold. And I doubt you have ADD if you remembered all these details. Your parents must have shut off your cellphone service for a reason, why not ask why they did and see what you could do to get it turned back on? And try talking to a counselor to see if you can get your grades up somehow; maybe try replacing a class with study hall or something. Losing weight and not having an appetite isn’t a cause to take you to the doctor, that’s all I have to say about that. No offense, but you come across in this question like you just want attention and that’s why you’re doing all this stuff. You want them to pay attention to you so you stop eating, you always shake, you black out or faint… sounds like you just want them to pay attention.

If I understand correctly, you said you had a cold from waiting outside in the cold for 2 hours? It is impossible to contract a cold from actually being cold. It does not even hinder your immune system. If you can recall all of this, you do NOT have A.D.D. You sound like your dramatizing the whole situation here.

If your failing class, try to talk to a counselor about replacing one of your classes with study hall. Why would your parents WANT you to drop out? I honestly do not think they want this, but instead your perceiving it as they want you to drop out because they took away your cell phone service.

Also, Losing weight and being never being hungry is not a medical condition. Why would you need to go to the doctors if you faint or blackout, there is nothing the doctors can do to help you with any of your problems. Doctors can hardly do anything for colds, because they are a viral disease, which means they can not be treated with antibiotics.

Please, If your still reading, I’m not trying to ridicule you, but it seems like somethings you are saying seem a little off the truth.

If it’s as bad as you say it is,see if you can emancipate from your family.
Basiclly, you are treated as an 18 year old,and you get
legal independence.

It’s not always the answer,you should take this into consideration first.
Good luck!

wow, wow. that is all i can say. okay, i’m the middle child to, and my parents expect alot of me, but not that much. but what i would do is talk to them, ask them why they are neglectful, if they deny, then bring up the reasons. if that doesn’t work, have your brother or sister talk to them.

if they wont take you to the doctors thats illegal, you can call cps and they’ll place you somewhere else so you can get medical care

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