Is there any chance for reconciliation between the Catholic church and the Protestant churches?

Could they possibly bridge the gap between the respective doctrines, and finally mend the schism?

It would take a miracle.

Fortunately both Catholics and Protestants believe in miracles.

Anything is possible with God.

With love in Christ.

According to the Book of Revelation there will be a world wide famine (The Great Famine of the 21st Century) sometime between 2013 and 2020. It will last for seven years. It will increase in severity before it ends .At this time the Protestant Churches consider uniting with the Catholic Church. The famine will be most severe in Europe and still relatively severe in wealthy nations, but much less severe , but still substantial in poorer nations. Even the United States will be relatively severely affected.
This famine is the Third Horseman and the Third Seal of the Book of Revelation.

The Great Famine will end upon the beginning of the restructuring of the Catholic Church for Unification in mid 2020. Nothing whatsoever will cause the Great Famine to end until Christians repent and convert and unite in the One Holy Catholic Church. One sign, which will precede this unification, will be widespread conversion among Catholics to believe all that the Catholic Church teaches.The Church will then be restructured to have seven divisions within unity : 5 parts for the formerly Protestant Churches, 1 part for the Latin Rite, and 1 part for the Eastern Churches.

Well, that’s food for thought.
Already, some Protestant Churches relate to the Catholic Church as “Sister Churches”. They agree they are still bound to the roots of the Mother Church. The Methodist & Luthern Churches share a great deal in common with the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church is divided into branches herself: Greek Orthodox, Russian Orthodix, Roman Catholic and the Ethiopians…All are Catholic.
The Catholic Church has been under attack for centeries, yet remains as strong as ever. She has withstood the test of time. The branches that have formed undenyably broke away from her. As much as they differ and try to distance and reject her; they would not exist if not for her.
As far as the others: It would be challenging. I doubt they are willing to bridge the gap. Especially considering New branches are budding so rapidly. What’s scary is the branches like Jim Jones, David Koresh and others like them. People want to serve God… but are lost to false teaching.

Actually, there’s been enormous progress toward reconciliation in the past century. Do I think that we’ll ever all be one Church again? No, I think it’s a bit late for that, but I do think that the various old wounds between the denominations are well on the way to being mended.

I don’t believe that people who are Protestants understand the difference in their religion to mine, I am a Catholic, I believe that they will be always in protest against me and my church regardless of what denomination of Protestant they are although reconciliation between the 2 is a nice idea but I don’t think it will ever bear fruit, although you never know with God all is possible.

Catholicism is mending its fences with Protestantism and Judaism, however they are more challenged by the divergent branch of Christianity. Catholicism represents salvation thru the Church and it’s priest ordained rituals like confession & the last rites. Protestantism represents salvation thru the the Bible, the individual and God. That is a major shift in balance that I don’t see them reconciling. That would be like reconciling opposites. Can’t happen unless one is Buddhist. 😉 I think the major organized religions are coming together for reasons of cooperation as the N.W.O. strives to bring all sheeple under the titular control of an international government. They will need the organized religion to control the masses.

You bet.
What planet have you all been living on? Roman Catholic and Protestant hierarchy have been sleeping in the same bed for more than a generation.

They own businesses together, they have tacit agreements about faith education, social services, joint religious training and pursuits to attain joint theological agreement, recognition and authority. They are in mutual agreement not to proselyte from each other. They work in associated groups and fan out into government programs, food services, housing, arts, ecology, immigration, etc., etc.

To get into some of this you need to research some very bland sounding phrases like faith communities, faith based initiatives, state conferences of churches, ecumenical this and that, Christian unity, shared ventures for transforming social institutions and on and on.

There are national think tanks, non profit institutes working at this as well as existing colleges and universities. They have old efforts aimed at ecumenical certificates of baptism, and others under benign headings such as liturgical settings and contexts.

Their joint efforts to bring things together to “reform and sustain your life and mine” (think about that one) come under such Greek headings as kerygma, leiturgia, koinoia, pedia and diacone — all under the grand idea of shaping the ecumenical life of churches. So these are the shapers and the shifters of our day.

They have carved up the lamb chops. Only the sheep don’t know it. Many Protestant denominations have started to introduce the veneration of Mary into their services. Time, March 21, 2005. The trinitarian concept and baptism with titles of Father, Son and Holy Ghost were the two basic re-combination points set down to start with at least 40 years ago. But, all the doctrine is nothing when it comes to money, power and prestige.

The stuff I am giving you is mostly ten years old. I would start by looking at membership and programs of each Conference of Churches in each U.S. state.

Is there a chance for reconciliation? Yes because there has been a plan in place for many years. When the movers and the shakers go to make the move; the people in the pews are going to think they are doing something wonderfull to mend the old fences. Truth is the job is mostly done and the rank and file are either shills or pawns in the end game; now being driven by extremely serious economic conditions.

No the differences between the various Protestant religions is deep enough to keep them from becoming one religion. It is like Roman Church, the Greek Church, and the Russian Church, the two forms of Islam, or the three forms of Judaism. If you cannot get similar religions to agree among themselves their is no chance for reconciliation.


It would be a massive undertaking considering the multitude of differences between them.

From the inspiration of the Bible to the role of the church and its leadership in the lives of its people there are differences that seem insurmountable! Add to that tradition, who we are to pray to, religious ritual and symbolism, and how salvation is attained and it gets even more complicated.

Another huge hurdle is confessing to a priest or going straight into the presence of God Himself to confess sins. I don’t forsee one or the other relenting on their doctrinal stance and making the major changes necessary to accept the belief system of the other any time soon.

Every problem has a solution.
The only problem there is not the solution but pride.
But if we try to read on the history of Catholic church you’ll find the reason why. The protestant Church are born from its word “protest”. To God? Definitely not, but to Catholic because of practices. The word of God shall not be twisted or bent only to conform to individual or groups concept or own belief or tradition for it will pollute its meaning and derive blemished result. Word of God shall remain pure and unbent to retain its original meaning. Because it’s same as telling a story from one person to another, when the story reached the 100th person it changes and have already derived many version. The word of God must remain pure and holy so that the essence and substance it carry will be received by future generations and generations afar. Their dispute lies on practices. Who is right? You’ll know if you read the bible and check on their practices. Because you will know the tree from its fruit.

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