Is it ok to feed cats or kittens only dry food?

I was once told by my vet that our cat needed both–dry and wet.

Yes it is fine to give adult cats dry food only. *But* you *MUST* give them access to fresh water all day. One dish of water is not enough, no matter the size of dish. Two medium size dishes should be filled as close to the time you leave as possible, then checked again when you get home and refilled. Plus kidney problems have been known to occur on a dry only diet so consulting a vet before you put your cat on a dry only diet is a must.

A kitten cannot eat a dry only diet. They are not strong enough and they do not provide enough fat to maintain the rapid growth that is needed for a healthy adulthood. To switch from a wet diet to a dry diet during their teens, which is anywhere from 6 months to 1 year depending on the breed, mix the wet food with a dry food. Do this only after consulting your vet because if your cat is not ready it can endanger your cat.

A last note, a cat that is used to a wet only diet may not eat a dry pet food, and starve even if mixed. When switching you should monitor your cat or kitten to make sure that he is eating.

After the kittens are at least 6 months old, you can usually switch to dry food only. Kittens have trouble chewing hard food until their permanent teeth come in. One of our kittens still cannot chew hard food, so we continue to give them wet food (mostly it’s just moistened regular dry food anyway).

Kittens should receive kitten food until they are a year old due to their strong growth. After a year, then switch to adult food. Yes, they can have just dry food, but I always give some treats such as chicken. Oh, and give the treats in their bowl so as not to encourage them to whine at you about it or jump on the table. In the past, the ash content of cat food increased the chances of male cats developing urinary tract infections. This content has since been reduced so it is now a non-problem.

Yes, they can eat dry food. But when I first got my kitten (he was 3 months) , I fed him dry food for all the time, but in the morning he got the wet food. He’s 9 months now, and he cant live without the wet food. He loves it, and I keep giving it to him. Just make sure you dont give your cat people food. Unless it gets into something when you dont know…that happened to me many times.

I would not recommend giving a kitten dry food as I did this and she ended up bleeding from her back passage! The dry food is to hard for their tummies. Use wet food in jelly to avoid giving them the trots and move onto dried food when they are older.
p.s my kitten was fine once I stopped giving her dried food and is a happy healthy 3 year old now

It is ok to feed them just dry food at 8 weeks. I work at Petsmart, and with the food recall for mainly wet food. I would stick to dry food only! I would suggest Science Diet for your kitten, they have the healthiest food, and it is not too expensive.

I was told by my vet that the dried food is far better as it ensures the cats teeth last longer, and the foods contain everything the cat needs. Better to buy a quality dried food though, you can get ones that are formulated for all differnt types of cat. From kittens to senior cats, and including one with an anti hairball additive. Excellent from thos elong haired cats!

I would rather give my cat tinned food, with an occasional snack of dry food. The problem with cat food, is that the producers add so many hidden ingredients, like cellulose which is actually recycled newspaper, and also substances that get the animals hooked on one specific brand, like a druggie. Things like nicotine are added to the food, and are called flavour enhancers or something, and the cat then only wants THAT specific brand of food. They then need their daily fix!

hi i have two cats of my own, and they have dry food and tinned food. but ive heard that if you just feed your cats dry food then their teeth stay healthier. I wish i had of done. But my two are used to eating both sorts now. The only thing you have to do is make sure you have water down at all times for them. And an added bonus is that dry food keeps their coats healthier.hope this anser helped.

The chap who runs the cattery we use has been a breeder of prize winning cats for over 30 years. We had this conversation with him a few weeks ago as we feed our cat wet food with a few munchies on the side. He said it was inadvisable to feed cats on dried food alone as it can affect their kidney function over time. He was also scathing of these “idiots” who feed their cats on vegetarian dried cat food (yes it does exsist!!) apparently this one is a real no-no, it was a very long winded diatribe that that question invoked.

As I say he is a bit eccentric but the mans knowledge of all things feline is amazing I would certainly take his advice

Yes; both my cats were raised totally on dry food (except for a very rare can of “wet” food for a treat); assuming you provide plenty of water, and your cat’s teeth are healthy, they should do very well. My older cat is 16 years old, and has done very nicely all his life on dry food.

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