If Vegans Dont Wish To Eat Meat, Why Do They Make “Vegan Meat”?

I Mean if they don’t want to eat meat why do they have their own special Meat like substance?
You can get protein from beans Or protein shakes! ( Though i’m not sure if protein shakes are vegan)

Why not?

You’re asking why, when veg*ns are opposed to meat, they eat products that are made to look/taste like meat? Well, turn the question around:

If meat-eaters like meat so much, why do they have to spice it, flavour it, add soy and other fillers,shape it into sausage shapes, patties, rashers and other shapes until it no more resembles the cow or pig it came from (in taste or appearance) than it resembles a head of brocolli? See? Same logic, same question.

One reason fake meats are popular is probably that they make it easier for a new vegetarian or vegan to make the change from eating meat. And they’re fine for people who may have a moral objection to eating meat, but who enjoyed and miss it.

But mostly it’s just that they’re different tastes and textures, and who doesn’t crave that in their diet?

And they don’t resemble meat – sausages, patties, rashers etc are just forms, usually made from meat, but they can just as easily be made from seitan, tofu etc. They’re not necessarily meat substitutes, but ways of processing and shaping food. You never saw a round flat animal, after all, or a sausage shaped one. They’re just convenient shapes to form the centrepiece to a meal or fit in a bun.

Meat ‘substitutes’ aren’t the healthiest or cheapest food you can eat, but if you’re feeling lazy and uninspired they’re fine now and then And some of them do taste good.

I went vegetarian in 1969 (I’m vegan now) and for many years there were no fake meats – just TVP chunks which were disgusting. So I lived for many years without them, and could do so again. But I like some of them, so I’ll continue to eat them occasionally.

Vegans do not eat mock meats for protein.Most, if not all the vegans in the V&V section eat other foods for protein.Beans, grains, lentils, seeds, nuts, vegetable and fruits all have protein.

Mock meats are just something vegans will have once in a while.Some do not even like it.

So no, they do not eat it for protein nor do they drink protein shakes for protein.There are plenty of other foods with protein.

Considering you only need 50 grams a day, a diet excluding meat does not make obtaining protein a challenge.

I don’t know many vegetarians or vegans who use that stuff. Most vegetarians I know are health conscious, and avoid heavily processed foods, or the smell and texture of meat grosses them out. The only people I know who buy that are well-intentioned meat eaters who have no idea what to feed a vegetarian guest, or a vegetarian host who doesn’t want the meat-eating guests to miss the taste of their meat.

Meat doesn’t taste good to me. I don’t miss it, I don’t crave it, and I’m not in denial.

Edit: It is usually made from soy, textured vegetable protein or TVP, and wheat gluten. These things are chewy and hold everything together well, as well as having protein.

Some people like the taste of them. Its not the same thing and its a nice vegan version where they can enjoy their food that they used to in the past. And not all vegans are vegans to be healthy, though i’m sure most are, there are a few people that just want to try it and some people that are transitioning and trying to make it easier for them to get used to and to become a vegan.

I hardly ever eat “Vegan Meat”. It is hard to find, and it is quite upsetting, that the “meats” I enjoyed as a vegetarian contain eggs and dairy. Either way, I really only eat fake meat when I am at a BBQ or am too lazy to actually cook dinner.

I’ve always wondered this myself. I’m a vegan, and while I choose to do that for environmental, ethical, and health reasons, I have really never been a fan of the taste of meat.

they eat their own special meat because even though u dont wont to eat it sometimes u want it and its hard to say away from especially when people around u r eating meat and they are made out of soy and tofu which comes from a plant

The same reason people eat potato chips instead of just a nice healthy potato. It’s a way to eat something tasty that fits with our dietary principles.

Because it makes it a lot easier to eat certain things like sandwiches when you have “deli slices” or “veggie burgers” to put between 2 pieces of bread. It doesn’t taste like meat anyway- I’ve always thought of it as a convenience factor when I used to eat that stuff.

Edit: Robot, please speak for yourself. I love protein shakes (Peaceful Planet’s Supreme Meal is my favorite and soy free). It’s my favorite post workout meal 🙂
And “low mcg” – you rock!

because a lot of people like the taste of meat but don’t like the way the animals are treated or the idea of eating a dead body….i was a vegetarian for like 6 months and its really hard to live of of beans or protein shakes lol imagine the only way you were able to get protein was from chicken you’d get so sick of it so they create things that seem like meat but you don’t feel guilty cuz a little animal didn’t die so you could eat it…..they suck though that’s why after 6 months i quit haha

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