If a 12 year old girl weighs 120 and is 5’3 and wears a size 5 pants and a small shirt, is she fat or skinny?

Normal size, girls grow quicker then guys

She must carry some of the weight elsewhere than her hips. Im 5’3 and once weighed 110, before my recent pregnancy and still couldnt fit into a 5. A 7 at the least.

120 and 5’3 is normal “average” weight. Skinny would be maybe 15 pounds under that…..for that height.

Based on most medical health insurance charts, and given the clothing sizes you mention, this girl would be considered normal weight.

Still, it may be a good idea to measure the girl’s muscle to fat ratio to make the best determination in relation to optimum heart health.

Muscle weighs more than fat. Hence the weight can be misleading and should not matter if the muscle exceeds her fat level.

You are at a healthy weight for your age, but you are close to being a littl overweight, so try moderation in your diet. Talk to your mom. When I was 12, I was 4’7″ and 72lbs. Be lucky you’re not a twig XD

Here’s the site where I measured your BMI, to see if you’re overweight or not. =]


I would suggest looking at a height to weight chart which you can find online. If you feel fat try exercising, even if you don’t feel fat you should exercise. I am very athletic and workout and do yoga all the time, but I don’t pay attention to the weight on the scale because I know I have a low body fat percentile and that I am very in shape.

The question shouldnt be fat or skinny
it should be overweight or not.

Calculate BMI(body mass index)
you can google it and there are many websites that will calculate it.
I think you have to put in your height, weight and gender.
Although BMI’s are mostly used for grown adults so your results may be off.

There is a difference between being fat or skinny opposed to being overweight and healthy

If she’s 12 years old, this is the last thing that should be on her mind. She is NOT fat, but it sounds like someone is trying to be mean or she has an issue with her weight.

shes 12
no fat no skinny over weight and underweight maybe!
but my youngest sibbling is 12 on march 31 and 88 pounds but she is very tall and active
but my 13 year old cousin in 106 and my 13 year old cousins best friend was 96
so maybe a little overweight but not obese and not necesarly over weight just depends on family and muscle mass and height

Absolutely depends on her build!
Remember that girls in early adolescence put on a little weight before they fully develop. This is normal, and a girl of this age should never try to “diet,” only continue eating healthy healthy getting 1 hour of exercise a day!


She is of normal weight (and slightly on the small size); her body mass index would be 21.3 – the normal range for someone her size would be from 18.5 to 24.9. Hope this helps! 🙂

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