How would u tell ur mom ur bi?!!??!?!?!??!!?

Idk i was just wondering how would ur mom react if u brought a girl home of if u told her ur bi or lesbian or something.
how would u tel her?
how would she react?

why do you need to tell her?

I told my mom that I was a total rainbow a couple years ago. She was shocked and we never spoke of it again. When I bring up something that is somehow related to LGBT, she gets upset with me… but she likes my girlfriend a lot. As long as we don’t talk about what we’re doing, we’re free to do it.

It’s a “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” sort of thing, I guess. I don’t mind it, but I hate when she thinks a boy likes me and I should go out with him. All parents react differently though.

I would wait and see if she asked if you liked boys or girls.
And if she doesn’t know you are in a gay relationship it’s smart to let them meet then tell her later on (first impression)
If you’re asking how MY mom would act, probably accepting. Before she told me if I turned out to be bi i’d have more chances in finding someone. :]

I told my my mum that I was bi and she couldn’t care less. Our conversation was basically this:

“Mum, I’m bisexual.”

“Oh, ok. Do you have a girlfriend?”


“Oh, ok.”

And she just went back to watching tv. She even helped encouraging me when I was thinking about coming out to my dad. Not all people are so lucky to have such an accepting family like mine. Good luck.

I would say, mom I have something to tell you and it would mean a lot to me if you supported me on this. Im bi. I like boys and girls. Depending on your mom, this would be my mom. “April, I love you but what the heck are you thinking? Arent you a Christian? Then she would slap me with a Bible. lolz. Be real with your mom.

i wouldn’t tell her. she would probably pretend to be cool with it, but if she hears a gay joke or something, she’ll repeat it and it kinda makes me lose respect for her. she would probably think i was like joking or something, then if i started going out with girls, she would think i was like… trying to hide something i did wrong or i was trying to rebel against her for whatever reason. i would just be like “hey, this cute girl in my english class asked me out, i think i’m gonna say yes.”

Well i wouldnt tell my mom..
Not untill ofcourse me and my girlfriend have been together for awhile and i actually knew that i loved her.. because my mom is against Non-straight relitonships. .. and she dis-own me..

I would tell her I’m bi.

But I sure wouldn’t tell her I spell like an illiterate 13 year old.
I would be way too embarrassed.

my mom might have been cool w/ it but i’ll never know cuz she died like 9 years ago im 14

but idk about my dad 2 cuz i haven’t told him yet…… maybe next time i get a gf i will…… or maybe i’ll wait till im out of the house just to be safe…….. lol

you dont have to tell her

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