How to disable 03 nissan sentra security systems without remote?

I lost the remote to my car last night but I have the key. I read the manual and it said opening the trunk with the key will disable the alarm but it didn’t work. It didn’t say how to disable the system that keeps the car from starting.

You must turn and hold the key in the lock to unlock for one to two seconds to shut off the alarm in either the trunk or drivers side door. Buy additional remotes and contact me and I will send you instuctions to introduce them to your car. USing the power lock button will set the alarm just turning the key to lock with out holding to lock won’t set the alarm. But if you forget and hold lock just unlock and hold will turn off the alarm. Good Luck

yes you just need to find a system that fits your needs and have a shop that specializes in car electronics to put it in. if you go to best buy you can get the system there and they will install it for you (for a price) also if your car is a manual you’re going to have a lot of trouble finding a shop to put in a remote start as its a safety hazard. because if the car is in gear when you hit the remote start it will jump into gear and start driving forward. the only way to get a remote start on a manual is to find a shop willing to bypass your clutch and install it.

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