How to delete all website history?

There are some websites I don’t want my parents to see that I have searched that are in my history, and how do I get rid of all traces of the websites I’ve visited?

Click on Tools at top page and click on Delete Browsing History. Or can go to Control Panel, Click Internet Options and click Delete Browsing History each time click off Internet. Browsing history will be wiped clean each time you log off.

If you have a Mac just go to the bar at the top and click history then click clear all but if you have a Dell You go to the url place click the down arro and then keep on clicking the red “x” to get rid or them.
hope I helped

In Internet Explorer, Tools, Internet Options, delete history and cookies and temp files.

Depends what browser you’re using.

I use firefox. So if you’re using that, just go to Tools – Clear Private Data – Check History – Hit “Ok”.

It should be the same for Internet Explorer.

And stop watching porn…

Stop watching porn it can ruin your mind but i will tell you once the odds are they’ll see you deleted it anyway and know but click tools,internet options,general tab,browsing history,click delete check everything then click delete.

google you have to click the arrow next to search go to manage go to search go to store search history click off the box then save changes.. that on the tool bar search box

Hahaaaa. I don’t recommend that. It looks too obvious. 🙂 I haven’t used IE in years so I’ve forgotten how to get there, but when you do, delete each site one by one so no questions are asked. haha. Be sure you get ALL of them though. 😛

well on the internet go to edit and clear toolbar history.
Then on your internet explorer shortcut where the icons are right click it- go to properties and go to browsing history- go to setting and view files and delete them 😀

What type of computer do you have??

Go to history and there should be someplace that says clear

tools, delete browsing history

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