Hi people, do you guys think brazillian portuguese accent is funny?

HEY GUYS… Is brazilian portuguese accent funny, ugly or Beautiful?
I´m still learning english on my course, i just want to know it because on 2015 I will do an exchange program hahaha XD
Will I survive with my portuguese accent in USA?

You don’t have a Portuguese accent, you have a Brazilian accent. Naturally, some people will think it’s funny and sweet, others may not like it, but Americans usually find different accents funny.

I am Brazilian, living in UK for the past 10 years. The English people find my accent cute, like childish and other say that when I speak Portuguese, it sounds like music. I think the most horrible accent is an Indian talking in English, Jesus, really annoying.

There’s a difference between the English native speakers’ accent when they speak Portuguese and Brazilian accent when we speak English. English native speakers have to harden their lips to pronounce words in English. So they become deeply used to that and can’t loosen their lips anymore to speak Portuguese. So, their pronunciation is somewhat “forced” than ours. We don’t need to harden our lips to speak Portuguese. Thus, our pronunciation in English sounds somewhat different than theirs because we speak much looser than they do. This is the main difference. If you pay attention on how they press their lips to speak and try to imitate them, your accent will get closer to theirs. That’s it!

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