Help with begining an essay about To Kill a Mockingbird please?

Hello. 🙂
I’m writing an essay analyzing Scout Finch from “To Kill a Mockingbird”. I am covering the events that helped her mature and change throughout the novel. I’m going to talk about Boo Radley, and the prejudice Scout has to overcome during the trial of Tom Robinson. Does anyone have other…

Walking into the court room, scout say adversity in many forms, the most prevalent was racism. Prejudice is what defines the book to kill a mockingbird… and then have at it

iv’e studied this book 2 times in school, but i never wrote the essay. thats why i took it twice. but jem changed a lot from seeing his dad shoot that dog, being attacked, seeing poverty stricken people, and racism. also how black people are just as nice as anyone else. plus he meets the guy who drinks coke in a paper bag.

I suggest you to see it helped me for same after i browsed for hours. I am sure it will help you too. Best of luck.

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