Friend starting rumors??????????

So this girl who I thought was my friend, started s bunch of rumors about my boyfriend. She keeps saying they are real but then I asked his mom and she said they weren’t true. So what is this girl trying to do??? Why is she doing this???

why are you asking mom? Ask the boyfriend. Then if you are still in doubt ask this friend where she got her information. Verify it confront the person saying these things and the boyfriend. Then remember there are a lot of people out there that can’t stand it when their friend has something better than them, it could be jealousy. Do you spend more time with your boyfriend then her? Does she even have a boy friend? I don’t know how close you have been with her but she may feel she is losing you and doesn’t know how to get you back or to share you. But you do need to find the reason before you do anything drastic.

Are you partaking in something that can cause them to think of those issues? if so, provide up. If the rumors nevertheless proceed, then it’s time to pass on. people who hear to what others say and don’t make specific it for themselves are in basic terms complication. :/ existence is in basic terms too short to run after somebody who’s attempting to holiday you alongside the way.

Ask Him if it’s True..
Tell her to Back off and get a life ….

she probably likes him too.
dont worry about it
as long as you know its not true
it shouldnt matter

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