Do people with Native American heritage celebrate Thanksgiving?

I don’t see why they’d celebrate the massacring of their people, but if they’re half something else… then what?

Or maybe they take the socially acceptable definition of Thanksgiving and just go with that…

What do you think?

giving thanks is not something we wait for a thursday in november to do. we give thanks every day. this day off from work is usually spent with family and good food and football like everyone else. some of us go to plymouth and fast and protest the lies surrounding this day. its a choice. no indian i know believes or even thinks about pilgrims on this day save to say what BS it all is. it was never about pilgrims and peace. in fact those are oxymorons.

in case you have any connections on your tribe i’m stunned which you will possibly evaluate Thanksgiving a close-by American historic previous holiday. The historic previous taught around that holiday is actually glossed over and erroneous. maximum colleges have their pupils make feather headbands and turkey-feather tambourines, with out coaching what those rather symbolized or perhaps which tribe they are attempting to emulate. maximum Natives i understand call it “thank you-taking.” maximum Natives i’m around additionally do no longer rather choose for “individuals,” of the western-way of existence persuasion, celebrating their historical past. Why? as a results of fact they consistently go incorrect! We have fun our heritages at our ceremonies and at pow-wows. Attend your next interior of reach pow-wow, you will get a stable experience of way of existence. Now, are you particularly a Cherokee, or did you purely discover out you have a Cherokee princess grandma someplace?

A huge amount of cultures world over have traditionally had autumn harvest festivals/feasts, no reason for anyone to stop, whether the U.S. crafted a pilgrims theme or no.

Yes, but instead of a turkey, they roast a Pilgrim.

The holiday is to give thanks for what you have.

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