Do Jewish people think Christians believe that God caused the Holocaust?

One of the answers I got in one of my previous question seemed to suggest that Christians believe that God caused(intended) the Holocaust and centuries of Jewish persecution.

We don’t believe God is evil or tempts people to do evil, so if you think that Christians think that God caused(intended) the Holocaust…

The Nazis (many of whom were Roman Catholic, including Adolf Hitler) did believe that God was guiding the destiny of the German people, that they were on a mission from God to punish the “Christ-killer” Jews, and saw Jesus himself as an Aryan warrior-type hero rather than a Jew. So yes, many Christians did believe they were thereby carrying out the will of God. Today (in hindsight) Christians like to argue that Nazis were either atheists, pagans, or at least not “true” Christians (whatever that means). Genocide was not against the principles of mainstream Christianity at that time, and most Catholics only distanced themselves from the Nazi cause many years after the fact.

The formation of the modern State of Israel is a direct correlation to the Holocaust. Without it, Israel would have never exist.Many Jews believe that G-d punished them for not obeying his laws. Many Israelis are atheists because they can’t believe G-d would have let the holocaust happen to his chosen people.

What I have seen/read about is the Catholic Church’s killing of the Jews throughout history and their collusion with Hitler and apathy towards the Jews during the holocaust.

Have you ever read the book or seen the movie “Constantine’s Sword”?

i don’t know but history has prove that religious people in general..mostly catholics have killed a lot of people….well if you start reading’ll find out that christians and catholics threat people to convert or else they would kill them…

*by the way im not an atheist i still believe in god just that sometimes im not right with them..

Hitler was a christian therefore Christians did cause the holocaust

Evil is a force that attaches itself to any power. Why would God condone massacre of Jews, there would be required a distinction of races, of one race being any greater than others to warrant such an act. It assumes God to be a sadistic, megalomaniac, blood crazed, ruthless monster, which is a more apt description of Satan and the wicked than God. If the Jewish accused Jesus for the crime that would most certainly be a false paranoia. Whether power is with whites or blacks, Christian, Jews or Islamic all groups have an equal propensity to err from their scriptures and commit atrocious acts of evil. Animal or corrupted human nature, history dictates anyone blessed with power and dominance commits evil. It’s a serious study to find a group, race, or nation that hasn’t.

No, having known a Holocaust survivor, this is not the case.
HINT: They know the Nazis did it.

first off, hitler and the nazi party were the cause of the holocaust, not God, and all the jews were supposed to die, why are they still here?

Why does God allow floods? Forest fires, hurricanes, earthquakes, blah blah blah.

You will NEVER know God’s total plans, so stop trying to out-think Him.

It’s like trying to explain QUANTUM PHYSICS to a TODDLER. That’s where our minds are compared to GOD’s.

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