Christians: why do you keep citing CHRISTIAN prophecies to convince JEWS that Jesus was the JEWISH messiah?

Why should any Jews be convinced by CHRISTIAN prophecies? Our messiah must fulfill the JEWISH prophecies; again, here are some of them!

1) Elijah will proceeded the Moshiach and announce his arrival (Malachi 3:23-24)
(2) With the coming of the Messiah will be the physical ingathering of Judah from the four…

Because they are thick and dense and think they know better than we do. I am always astounded when I get a lecture on “real Judaism” from a Christian who thinks they know my faith better than i do.
I find annoying and you obviously do too LOL LOL LOL

If the Jewish people had understood the prophecies of Isaiah, they would have understood that Messiah came first 1) to pay the price for man’s sins (by dying on the Cross, this is the curse of hanging on a tree), this had to be done by a man, and by a spotless man, typified in the Levitical sacrifices by the spotless lamb. THEN 2) Messiah would rule and reign with perfect righteousness. Since Israel rejected Christ as the Messiah, the Gentile period is now in effect. When Jesus Christ returns the second time, all those prophecies will literally be fulfilled. You might compare the last few chapters of the Book of Revelation with the prophecies of Ezekiel, Zechariah, and Isaiah.

Because the majority of the same prophecies are used to prove that Jesus is the messiah.

When you take the Christian explanation for what the prophecies mean they make much more sense then the Jewish explanation.

Listen, girly.

The Old Testament is translated from the Hebrew Masoretic.

You probably use a similar English translation, done by Jews, translated from the SAME Hebrew scripture.

So, how can prophecies in Hebrew scripture be solely Christian; it is translated from the same text.
Do you think that Christian linguists are so incompetent that they cannot accurately translate from the Hebrew?

Fine, give me the Jewish Publication Society translation and I will take you through the prophecies.

I can assure you that the Jewish and Christian translations of Hebrew scripture are not so vastly different.


Maybe you do not interpret the prophecies in the same way; but how can you claim that your understanding of scripture is absolute? Do you understand all scripture perfectly? Have you completely and entirely plumbed the depths of God’s heart, and you know every mystery?

Come, which passage is in error; I can call up the Jewish translation on line, I will look it up and compare them.
If the prophecies quoted by Christians are so completely off kilter, SHOW it.

The Christian MO is to remove lines from their proper context or make some very strange choices in their translations. When the result doesn’t make sense, they decide that this is proof that it can only be a Messianic prophecy fulfilled by Jesus.

All the while, they are resolutely convinced that, because the original source text is Jewish, their ‘prophecies’ must be as well.

Thumb me down all you want, folks, I really do know what I’m talking about. I used to be a devout and dedicated Christian.

They are not “Christian” prophecies…they are Jewish prophecies from the Tanakh (Old Testament) Christians merely contend that the Messiah was not suppose to fulfill ALL of prophecy in one lifetime…it doesn’t state that in the Bible (Tanakh) The key issue is that the Messiah was to come before the second destruction of the Jewish Temple in 70 AD….if the Messiah did not come before that, then He can never come. Indeed, there was a brief Jewish “Messiah” who led His followers in a revolt that was put down and He died.

False Messiah’s of Judaism

original name Simeon Bar Kosba , Kosba also spelled Koseba, Kosiba , or Kochba , also called Bar Koziba Jewish leader who led a bitter but unsuccessful revolt (AD 132–135) against Roman dominion in Palestine.

During his tour of the Eastern Empire in 131, the Roman emperor Hadrian decided upon a policy of Hellenization to integrate the Jews into the empire. Circumcision was proscribed, a Roman colony (Aelia) was founded in Jerusalem, and a temple to Jupiter Capitolinus was erected over the ruins of the Jewish Temple.

Enraged by these measures, the Jews rebelled in 132, the dominant and irascible figure of Simeon bar Kosba at their head. Reputedly of Davidic descent, he was hailed as the Messiah by the greatest rabbi of the time, Akiva ben Yosef, who also gave him the title Bar Kokhba (“Son of the Star”), a messianic allusion. Bar Kokhba took the title nasi (“prince”) and struckhis own coins, with the legend “Year 1 of the liberty of Jerusalem.”

And the fact that Jesus DID fulfill over 300 OT prophecies regarding his birth, life, death and resurrection and also was the stone that the builders (Jews) rejected.
The Messiah (Jesus) will fulfill the remaining prophecies when He comes again in the end times. Elijah was one of the men in history who did not die a mortal death and is believed to be one of the two witnesses written in Revelations 11 that will be dead on the streets of Jerusalem for three days before arising to life and proclaiming Jesus return.……

Some Christians are dense.

Christianity is like a rampant virus. It must spread and cover everyone on the planet. At the same time the different strains of the virus battle it out for global infestation.

The problem is that the virus keeps mutating and new strains are constantly spinning off from other strains and now there is countless varieties of the virus and more forming on a almost daily basis.


You’re talking to people who still can’t even get it through their oh-so-thick skulls that the OT is *not* the “jewish bible”. That even if they call it the Torah or the tanakh, it ISN’T. Generally the same sort that think if they call jebis ‘yeshua’ we will say “oh hey, THAT sounds ‘Jewy’, let’s CONVERT!”

Isn’t this just a repeat of the question you asked an hour ago?

Also, it’s just a fact that Jesus was a Jewish messiah that perfected the message of the Jewish people and rendered the Old Testament no longer valid.

Of course the OT gives the Christian community the needed knowledge as to WHY Jesus was required.

To answer your direct question of why we feel the need to convince the Jewish people of this? We don’t. The facts are our there. It’s on you now.

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