Any good web sites for free computer games for a toddler?

My daughter is three years old she will be four in October. She is enjoying playing on the computer. Do you know any good sites that have free preschool games? I know Play House Disney.

Nick Jr.

It has stuiff like exploring with Dora.

Al the sires everyone told you are great but you can also pick up software for toddlers called Reader Rabbit my son loves it and it is age appropriate. There is also a site called club penguin and they can get pets and play games. Some of it is for older kids like talking to other penguins but it is really cute and very heavily monitored.

My son goes to Nick Jr, Noggin, Disney and PBS Kids.

Those are all great ideas. My son really enjoyed the geotrax and Lego websites as well, since he could click on pieces of train track to fill in gaps.

Good luck

These are all very good for her age. PBSv ids and Noggin expecially. Noggin also has tips for parernts, so does PBS Kids and Nick Jr. Good luck!


Nick jr. website
PBS Sprout
go to your local library’s website

my 3 year old goes on and

– thomas the train
– etc.,
-lizzie mcguire
– cory in the house
-suite life of zack and cody

I checked out these games and they are cool and they even have where you can print out pictures for them to color..

Hope this help… Good luck!

nick jr

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