Another boy – can’t decide on a name!?

So i have 2 boys – Ethan (5) and Caleb (2) and I’m pregnant with a third. Unfortunately, my husband and I can’t decide on a name for him.

We’ve narrowed it down to:
Owen or Maurice, and now my husband has decided he really likes the name Taine (pronounced TAYne). It’s a kiwi thing apparently,…

I absolutely adore Owen. It’s one of my favorite names. I really dislike Maurice. It reminds me of a cartoon, though I’m forgetting which one. And I’m also not fond of Taine. It reminds me of the word “tame”, which isn’t too great of an assocation.

Though I do think Owen sounds nice fitted in with Ethan and Caleb as a sib-set, I feel that it’s isolated in a sense. Ethan and Caleb are both very popular biblical names (not sure if you planned that or not), and Owen not being biblical, might cause for this name being the odd one out of the group. Just something to think about.

Owen Maurice and Owen John sound pretty good.

Some other names you might like:


Edit: Okay, Miles is much better. I definitely love that name! Sounds good.

Taine is a cool name, but I think Owen goes better with Ethan and Caleb then Miles or Taine..
Owen Maurice sounds good!

re the ‘kiwi thing’: Taine Randall was an All Black…

Miles seems very nerdy to me..

I quite like Taine and I think it would go well with Ethan and Caleb. For a middle name I think Maurice. If you don’t like Taine as a first name, make it a middle name and carry on the biblical theme with John Taine and you can call him Johnny as a nickname.

I think Owen is a great name. Not keen on Maurice but i get the reasoning behind ot. As a middle name it will be ok.
I don’t like Taine at all. Your other boys have great strong names and number 3 deserves Owen.

Owen flows better with the names of your other boys and Owen Maurice actually sounds nice. Taine isn’t that bad. Miles though imo doesn’t flow with Maurice, and doesn’t particularly go as well with Ethan and Caleb.

hope this helps

I like Owen Maurice a lot =)

I like Miles, and I think Miles Taine could be good.

I don’t like Taine as a first name.

My favorite is Owen Maurice =)

I really like Owen Maurice
Ethan, Caleb & Owen sound great together
I also like Taine but I think Owen sounds better with Ethan & Caleb

Owen – Meaning: Well born, yew born
Maurice – Meaning: Moor
Taine – Meaning: Man; god of the forests

Adam, Aiden, Matthew?
not a big fan of Maurice, sorry.

As you have chosen Ethan & Caleb i think it would be nice to name no3 Joshua or Josiah. Sorry but i dont like the other 3 you have chosen

I think Owen would go best with your other sons names.

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