According to the bible god punished the devil for giving us a choice to believe in either good or evil?

Why would god punish the devil for giving us a choice?

Before he deceived us we did not have a choice but to be in the service of god or to be good.

Before that we did not have free will.

>Before that we did not have free will.

We have ALWAYS had free will. Your argument is illogical.

Satan did not give us a choice; he brought evil and death.

Your comment is like saying, “Murderers give us a choice between life and death. Therefore, aren’t Murderers good instead of evil, since they’re providing us a service. After all, we didn’t have a choice to live or die before murderers came along! Why should we punish murderers for giving us a choice of life and death?”

Like I said, your argument is totally illogical.


Neither did God create Satan. God created a perfect being named Lucifer, who of his own free will chose to sin and rebel, having free will just as we do.

To say that God created the Devil is like saying Ford created a bunch of rusted cars with bald tires and broken windows.

>If we always had free will why did god tell us NOT to eat from the forbidden
>tree of knowledge?If we had free will why was that tree forbidden in the first
>place?Why not just put up a sign “eat at your own risk”instead of “do not eat”?

It was the Tree of Knowledge OF GOOD AND EVIL.

It was forbidden because eating from it is rebellion against God and it resulted in bringing sin and death into this world.

WHY do parents FORBID their children from touching the hot stove?! Why don’t they just put a sign up that says, “Children, touch the stove at your own risk” ?

You need to think things through!

>Second.The devil did NOT bring death and destruction.WE brought death and destruction by
>choosing to do what the devil told us to do instead of what god told us to do.We posses gods
>spirit and we always have a choice to believe in either god or the devil or do the right thing.
>We are the ones responsible for our actions.Not the devil.

I never said that we are not responsible for our actions; but Satan certainly did not bring life and peace!! He most certainly DID bring sin and death; the fact that we accepted what Satan said does not change that fact.

>Third.I am NOT saying that the devil is good.I am saying that he gave us a choice.

Satan did NOT give us a choice. It was *GOD*, and ONLY GOD, who gave us the choice; Just as He gave Satan the choice.

If your argument was true, that we needed Satan to give us a choice, then who gave him the choice?!

Again, you need to think your argument through.

>Fourth.I am not saying that free will is a necessarily a good thing either.

Without free will, it is impossible to love. God desires a relationship with us, a relationship based upon love. Love, by definition, must have free choice, otherwise it is not love.

A robot cannot love, no matter how much it is programmed to say, “I love you! I love you!”

Free will is a wonderful thing, ordained by God Himself.

Why are you suggesting that God gives us things that are not good?!

1) According to the bible god punished the devil for giving us a choice to believe in either good or evil?

Inaccurate claim. According to the Bible. God punished the serpent for persuading Adam and Eve to
a – disobey God
b – undertake an action that caused their deaths

2) Before he deceived us we did not have a choice but to be in the service of god or to be good.

Inaccurate claim. The choice (obviously) existed before the serpent tempted Eve. **Clearly**, nothing about the serpent tempting Eve made the sinful choice more available than it was beforehand. The tree had **already** been planted in Eden. The forbidden fruit was **already** available and accessible to both Adam and Eve.

3) If we always had free will why did god tell us NOT to eat from the forbidden tree of knowledge?

**Because they had free will**. If they did NOT have free will, there would be no need to tell them – they would have been physically or mentally incapable of making the wrong choice. Because they had the ability to make a choice (which is what “free will” means), God instructed them so that they would not (not so that they could not, but so that they **would** not).…

4) Why not just put up a sign “eat at your own risk”instead of “do not eat”?

Because God **did not want them to eat it and die**.

– Jim,

No God punished the Devil Not For Giving us a Choice but for Evil ( and Tempting People to
Do Wrong

Jesus said COME AND FOLLOW ME.. (
and I am the Truth the Way and the Life (Ibible)

You have a Choice.

The Devil just entices you to do EVIL ( SATAN DOES NOT GIVE ANY A CHOICE TEMPTS

and we Pray to Deliver us from Evil ( In The First Greek Old Testament ) In all
Mark, Matthew < Luke and John


You are very mistaken.
All personal faculties that humans have we got from God.
God created us with Free Will.

Satan is a liar, a thief and a destroyer, and can create nothing.
Satan certainly did not give humans free will, but Satan abused our free will.
Satan gave us nothing.
He lied to us and guided us toward sin.

If God had not already given us a free will,
we could not have sinned against God.
Without free will, we also could not freely choose to love God.
Being free allows us to sin, but also to repent from sin and return to God.

God could have made us without the ability to commit sins,
but then we would not be free, and we would be unable to truly love.

I am Roman Catholic.
Peace be with you.

When God directed us that He is good (Genesis 1) it already shows us that there is evil. God did not create Satan and Satan is the God of evil. In Genesis 3 Satan brings another form of thought. Before that there was only God’s character or thought. Man has the free will to choose to think either evil thoughts or good thoughts as exposed to him by both God and Satan. There is no other choice.

Jesus explains this in John 8:42-47 in which He states that Satan has a kingdom with his own language (lies) and actions (hate) and character (evil). Jesus also shows that God has a kingdom with his own language (truth) and action (love) and character (good). Man can only choose which as all thoughts are from the source of character of either God or Satan.

In reading all the answers, I don’t see any that get it right. In the pre existence where we were as spirits, God talked to his 2 sons, Jesus & Lucifer. God told them to come up with a plan for when we do come to Earth in our mortal state and working towards our eternal salvation. Lucifer came back to God and told him he will force ALL of us to be righteous but wanted all the glory for himself. Jesus come to God and told him that we should have free agency and decide for ourselves between good and bad and all the glory would go to our Eternal Father (God). There was a great war in the spirit world headed by the Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Rafael. 1/3 of the spirits followed Lucifer and God told Lucifer that he along with the spirits that followed him would be allowed to come to Earth to try and tempt us to sin but, would never be able to have an Earthly body which is critical to our eternal salvation. So Lucifer was cast out of the spirit world along with those spirits that followed him. And at the end of your question you write “Before that we did not have free will” which is incorrect as we were all together in the spirit world happy and content with being there. During the Millenium, Lucifer will be cast out from Earth and we will live in harmony without temptation to sin until just before the end at which point God will allow Lucifer to return for a short while and then comes the resurrection.

your logic is good but your understanding is was created in God’s image, we were originally immortal, Satan didn’t like this and tricked Eve into eating from the tree at which point stripped away immortality which is what God warned them about saying do not eat the fruit or you shall die. Satan was punished. We will always have free will. its just god saying we could have listened.

Wrong,Satan was punished long time before Adam was created,and Adam was created because Lucifer turned against God and became Satan.

There are no fallen angels the Devil was Cain the first murderer and liar in the bible and his angels are his offspring who prove who they are by murdering and lying. There have been a couple of the descendants of Cain referred to as the devil because before God there is no time and all seeds are one before Him. One of Cain’s descendants was also a priest in the temple and he was the one who tempted Jesus. Angels cannot temp anyone because they do not have flesh and do not know temptation. Satan which an angel of the LORD some times is used to test (not tempt) so he was sent by God to test Jesus in this flesh and for that reason he used a descendant of Cain the Devil.

A Top contributor asking a question such as this? No where in scripture did God ever give Satan the power to help us believe. You either believe in God or you dont. It’s YOUR CHOICE. No one can make you.

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