2.5 Year old speech development?

My son is 2.5 years old and im a little worried about his speech. He says things like hi .bye , see you soon . and yes , no, up, down, sit , stop, dont touch me lol. things like that . but im woundering when he will stop using mostly baby babble and just talk ……. he repeats every word you ask him too , he…

he is fine i have a 6 year old cousin who when hewas like 4 i still couldn’t under stand him. also my twin brothers, 3, still babble and say bottycakes…… andas long as he can make sentences he is fine. no need to worry


My son has autism. He could recite abc’s at that age but if you asked him where is the letter a he refused to answer or even look at the letter. Eventually he regressed to saying next to nothing at all. My guess is that if your son uses social words like hi and bye appropriately, he is probably just late on speech like most boys.

2.5 year olds should be able to speak 3 word sentences. The baby talk will go away around 3-4.

Some kids just aren’t big talkers. He sounds like he is developing just fine. I remember when my brother was a small he was not a bigger talker. He would repeat people but mainly he liked to just listen than one day he blurted out a huge sentence out of no where. It was so funny. We all knew he could talk just fine but he just was one of those toddlers who didn’t talk a lot and he is still that way. He only really talks when he has something important to say. Other wise he just keeps to himself. I am sure your son is just fine! Your just being a good mom by worrying about him.

You’re being nuts. LOL.. I have a 2.5 year old with a speech delay. She can barely say anything. I think your son is right where he should be.

You are just a nut worried parent. He is doing fine. My daughter is same exact age. She says no, mom, uummm, oooohhhh, and that’s pretty much it. She is in speech therapy and so far we have had no progress. She isn’t mentally challenged either, she is really smart, just doesn’t want to talk. Count your blessings. He is fine.

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