Why do some gay men talk like valley girls?

Before you get offended and say “I don’t talk like that” I said SOME, not all.. Why do they do it? How is that attractive? Even to other gay men?

As a female, I’ve been attracted to some gay men before, but Adam Lambert kind of talks like that, and that is the main reason I can’t get…

Well for one it’s a weapon. It has a creep factor to non-gay men and women that screens the interactions like a rattlesnake rattle gets people to leave rattlesnakes alone. Very effective. Try it as an experiment sometime.

It pays to advertise – if you are alone in a room full of a thousand people trying to fins the 10 men that are like you, you need to send up a flare.

I would say these two “guesses” on my part cover most of the herd.

i’m gay and that i do no longer communicate like a valley female and not one of the adult adult males i understand do the two. I doubt you already know any gay human beings…….and that i dare you to flow as much as one and ask them this question. you may get your a** kicked in approximately 2 seconds.

Why do some Valley Girls talk like valley girls?

Um I believe the psychological reasoning is that (and I’m bi so sometimes I will talk like a Valley Girl but mostly I talk in my normal annoying voice) they are trying to sound as female as a guy can without using a high pitched voice.

Answer your question?

Because they want to conform to a stereotype.

They’re comfortable talking like that. Just leave them be…

Because it’s just like so totally awesome!

because internally they basically are girls.

why? coz they are gay! i talk the same sometimes… coz i am gay…

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