I hate being a woman? Why do men have it so much better?

There is nothing good about being female (that I can see). We are second class citizens to men who make more money than us. We are always judged harshly by our appearance like having small boobs because men are ‘visusal’. We can’t get the perfect body even if we try, but all they have to do is drink…

You’ve been hurt deeply so I guess it doesn’t matter, but men have their problems as well. I can’t gain muscle that easily, despite being male; so having a perfect body is a matter of luck, regardless of what sex you are. Women also judge men for their appearances as well and I’ve met plenty of women that want nothing to do with me, simply because I’m not tall and broad-shouldered with six pack abs. I’ve had women play with my emotions and then get a thrill out of hurting me too.

My point is the grass may seem greener on the other side, but both sexes face problems and if you were a guy, you’d find yourself complaining about a lot of the same stuff.

There is no reason why you cannot vent on this cite. You are not mental the ones that are mental are the ones that are cruel on this cite and are not compassionate people I think women have it better than men in a lot of ways and who cares about how much money a person makes all we need to do in life is be righteous do the right thing and survive till we meet out maker and nothing else matters

It must be hard being a woman. More and more I see that women have to “prove” themselves more than men….
including getting made up just to go down to the store! I also know more and more women who reach a certain age and feel that men want someone younger. But everyone should worry less about what others want or think of them.

I know some men don’t care about women but for me it is different. It is always important for me to make sure she is satisfied. I spend a long time bringing her pleasure up by foreplay. In fact I always wonder how women do nothing and are selfish in bed. They start enjoying and going in high pleasure and leave the rest for the man.

Yes, you are going to get flamed. There are plenty of blogging sites that have assloads of posts that are just like this. Yahoo!Answers is not the place to ask regurgitated questions to spark debate when you’re probably not even looking for a real answer.
It sort of seems that you’ve really made yourself well at home in the world of radical feminism.
You can’t diss on an entire gender based off of your experiences when more likely than not you’re the one falling for these types of guys. If you’re falling for it more than once, that’s foolish judgement on your part.
Do you not realize that women normally have it far easier to find a mate than most men do? Not all of them are “rape, sex, sex, rape”. Many men suffer from weight problems just as women do, and they gain muscle differently than women. They bulk fast, women do not.
Would YOU like to bulge when you worked out steadily for a long time? I would see the fact that most women don’t being a plus in itself.
Also, they suffer from double-standards just like women do. Many women are underestimated in the case of murder and crime, as well as domestic violence. Many others work their way through the system through manipulation and sex of their own accord. It’s easy.
Have you ever heard of gold-diggers, by the way? Women who get with men because they’re rich? While obviously this can go either way, it’s just a more common case with the woman being the user. Those men can never be sure if their significant other really cares about them or just wants to use them. The main strain of success, really. Wouldn’t you consider that playing at insecurities? Not only that, but my best friend had his heart crushed by a manipulative girl who did what she could to sleep with him only so she could obliterate his self-esteem. Those people exist too, you know.
You’d be surprised how often men battle a lot of the same issues we do and it goes unnoticed because of the large sum of bad apples in the mesh. Yes, women get paid less, but I’ve also noticed lately that many are getting jobs handed to them a whole lot easier just because of their gender. I’m sure that also varies on where you live, but in my town women are very prominent in work whereas men are not. We are fighting for the right of equal pay, and eventually we will get our way.
I guess one further thing you could add to my point would be the fact that as being a woman, you’re probably not going to have to sign an agreement stating that you will sell your life to the military had need-be whether you like it or not.

“The Selective Service System wants you to know that the requirement to register for the military draft did not go away with the end of the Vietnam War. Under the law, virtually all male U.S. citizens, and male aliens living in the U.S., who are ages 18 through 25, are required to register with Selective Service.
Since there is no draft currently in effect, and men are not being classified for service, disabled men, clergymen, and men who believe themselves to be conscientiously opposed to war must also register.

Penalties for Failure to Register for the Draft:

Men who do not register could be prosecuted and, if convicted, fined up to $250,000 and/or serve up to five years in prison. ”

You have every opportunity to live your life, but had an emergency came about where the draft is necessary, most men wouldn’t have that option.
Either way, neither gender is better or worse, they’re just different. There are TONS of benefits of being a woman and I live them daily.
I guess because posts like this make me wired so much, I figured I should also add that I have never been dissed for having small boobs. You’d be surprised how un-shallow a lot of men are, and they struggle to shake off stereotypes like the ones you’ve laid in place here.

We get to carry our child for nine months. That forms a bond between you and your child that can never be impaired. Men don’t get to form that closeness with a child.

We get to be emotional and express it, whereas men have to hold up to stereotypes and be “strong” and “manly” and never show emotions like sadness. Men who cry are “*******” or “soft”

Not everything about our lives is a competition. Men are judged by their ability to compete, and they all compete with one another 100% of the time. Who is stronger, bigger muscles, better at sports, drives a nicer car, has a hotter girlfriend, had sex with the most girls, can drink the most, etc. To feel like a “real” man, they have to be the best at something.

We don’t have to endure circumcision.

We aren’t expected to pay for everything. Men stereotypically are the big breadwinners, and are supposed to make all the money to pay all the bills. Men are expected to pay for dates. Men are judged by how much money they make and how well they provide for their women and children.

Lesbianism is way more widely acceptable than two males. Way more people are uncomfortable at the sight of two men being affectionate with each other than two women.

We don’t have an annoying sack dangling between our legs.

We don’t get random erections that we could get ridiculed for.

Women can be open and friendly with their female friends, where as men have to worry about how close they get with their male friends before being called gay.

There are tons of benefits to being a female.. its all perspective!

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, bro. it is true that men have a higher sex drive then women, and yes there are people out there that will take advantage of women, but thats only a small fraction. And you don’t have to have a perfect body for men to like you, you just have to have to have a good personality, and not tell a guy how terrible men are.
and the thing about a woman having small breasts being attractive; not true. a of men will find smaller cups more attractive, im one of them. and women have plenty of advantages. You dont see women helping men over puddles. you need to surround yourself with good people, and carry pepper spay. trust me, it hurts, very, very much. And sorry if it was awkward for you that a male responded to this, i just wanted to defend my title.
and we dont just care about sex, we like money, and cars, and money.
so ya now, you just can’t base everything you see about men on the few terrible people that have abused you (im so sorry about that p.s.) . i hope your point of view gets better.

I am sorry about your troubles, but this forum is not for venting; but problem solving. Find a mental health counselor who can help you. May you find some happiness in your life.

Oh yeah, it must be real hard having the ability to choose whom you want to be with. Women.

You’re never going to get a man with that attitude, honey.

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