How do you all feel about the 90’s?? Do you miss it? I’m doing a survey. Thanks to all who answer!!?

You know….

Nickelodeon, Furby, Saved By The Bell, Flannel Shirts, The Goosebumps Books, Backwards Hats, Z-100, VHS, Grunge Music, Walkmans, 90210, Melrose Place, Beavis & Butt-head, Daria, Home phones only, Ren & Stimpy, Phrases like, “Psyche” and “Totally Buggin,” and last, but certainly not least, the less…

I was 6 when they ended. Don’t really miss them.

do no longer be unhappy. First, in case you have been born in ninety 3 then you certainly have been basically 7 for the duration of 2000, i became born in 89 or maybe however i became 10 i do no longer remember lots of the ninety’s. next, the television high quality became respectable, yet now that is retarded frightening how clean it somewhat is. Now a number of the music interior the ninety’s became ill, maximum rap has taken over in view that 2002-10, which i can basically stand in small doses. i think of all human beings misses the previous, yet so a methods as technologies, 2010 is the ****, as properly as each and every thing else. *I do miss warheads however, omg those have been ill as fuhh.

I really miss hearing 90’s rock on the radio. The music of this decade is full of covers and ‘artists’ reusing music from old songs.

The hair (ie: Seinfeld) was pretty terrible, and the neon clothing that came out of the end of the 80’s wasn’t worth bringing back…

I totally miss the 90’s. Everything was much simpler. Shows were awesome and music was fresh. nickelodeon was my channel. I miss Daria. Good Times, Good Times

I miss the 80’s too, but the 90’s were nice as well.

I think everyone misses the 90’s in one aspect or another.
Real television unlike all this reality crap, real games like Sonic
a successful Government. Life was just more carefree than it is now.

i do. haha totally buggin.. clueless. ahh i loved daria and pop up video on vh1. it was a good time for music. miss the grunge. nick was beast.. clarissa explains it all, hey arnold, all that, salute your shorts.. i dont miss the platform sneakers or scrunchies around the wrist though. it was a girl thing.

Yeah, even though i was born in 94 so i’d only be a kid. But i wish i was a teen in the early 90’s for nirvana. I wish i was a 90’s teen!

Oh yea…a much simpler time.
I remember my first CD player…

now I download mp3s.
The Rugrats and Hey Arnold was extra bangin too.

And one saturday morning cartoons made waking up early on weekends worth it.

I miss my family who died in the 90’s also.

I totally miss the 90’s ..

Glad it’s over……but I do miss Beavis!

“less concern about war”?????????? well, I’m glad you weren’t concerned when people were dying in Desert Storm in 90, 91 and 92…..I was there in 92….thanks for your support.

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