Drug addicts vs. People who commit suicide…?

As it turns out, as far as I can see, everyone on here absolutely hates drug users and people who commit suicide… as they are apparently “wastes of skin” and no good for anyone else… so which kind of person do you hate more? Cause its soooo much better to despise someone and spread hate than just…

I don’t think anyone is a waste of skin. I know people go through different trials in their life and obviously they have their ow way of dealing with it. Do I agree with their choices? No. To me, they are both the same and I think saying one is worse would be inconsiderate.

Drug addicts are so much worse. They hurt everyone, even those who don’t want anything to do with them.
Folks who commit suicide don’t hurt anyone. If you’re emotionally bothered by it then that’s just you hurting yourself.

Most people wish the druggies would just commit suicide.

The druggies would win because the people who commit suicide are dead.

Why hate the suicidal? Everyone has thought of it, and it was hardly their most vicious thought.

so I guess druggies

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