What will you do on Super Bowl Sunday if you don’t like football?

Will you perhaps catch a movie, read a book you’ve been saving, buy a carton of ice cream or a tub of chocolate pudding or hot & spicy tortilla chips, or take a walk in the park or even a stroll down the sidewalk, definitely stopping to smell the roses? I remember when the fabric store & the nursery (for…

I would prefer a Criminal Minds or Law & Order Marathon, but then I would miss the commercials!
Does the Super Bowl also have football? joking! I’ll just putz around and catch the commercials

I’m female, and have never watched an entire football game.

Well, we’re expecting a Nor’ east’er so I’ll watch TV, maybe some of the Puppy Bowl (my dog watched some of it last year), read, nap, cuddle etc with the missus. I’m surprised the Puppy Bowl is still on. I was in Sicily on a job at the U.S. Naval Air Station in 2004 and saw it for the first time.

Obsessive, crazed, passionate fan
Get kinda annoying, but tolerable
I’m at home, watching the game

How can you not watch the Superbowl? The Who is performing at halftime for godsakes

I’ll be at a superbowl party, moochin booze and decidedly NOT watching the game. xD

– (Formerly)BigBoobsMcGoo


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