Wolverine or Freddy Krueger who would “scratch the chalkboard” louder?

Ha…who would be the better chalkboard scratcher?

Close call! I’m going with Wolverine simply because his get bigger than Freddy’s when he’s excited… so it would be louder longer… don’t you think???

Ahh! I’d report you for giving me an ear-ache, but I don’t want to be considered a troll =]

Freddy, Wolverine would break the chalkboard.

Freddy Krueger duhhhh

Wolverine Baby All the Way! Double the blades

Well Duh…Freddy Krueger

he has healing powers so if freddy even tried to kill him, that wouldnt work out
also the metal runs through his entire body
that beats your fingers

Freddy….Wolverine would probably tear it apart.

freddy, cause he’s got 5 metal fingers and woulverine only has 3 i believe

Wolverine, he has claws of adamantium, plus he is very strong.

if he loses he will loose temper and kill freddy

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