Why the Indian Cricket Team is chucking while it is on the verge of victory.I.?

Do the players become chuckers because of lack of killer instincts in them or lack of application and 100% commitment. When can we become world beaters? Is it necessary that they get lot of adulation and hype even if there is a win after so many losses. Are we lavish in praising the players despite their poor…

they are not able to cope up with pressure situations

The reason because we choke is that some of our players, after passing a milestone (like 50 or 100 runs) think that their job is over. After 50 runs, they will lose the interest and will start lifting the ball. If they get lucky, they go upto 80s and again will start playing carefully. After 100, again they think that they achieved a big thing and will get out for loose shots. They don’t realize that, until they win, their job is not over.

Look at II ODI against Srilanka. After 50s, both Ganguly and Tendulkar got out for bad balls. Ganguly had no reason to chase a wide ball and Tendulkar didn’t have to mess up a bad ball. Everything collapsed later.

Go through the history of India cricket. Same scene. It started changing slowly because of the introduction of Dravid, Yuvraj, Dhoni etc.,. They try to stick until the match is over. Rest of the times, we lose the matches. We have great heroes with superb records. We have plenty of records but we don’t have good record of wins. What we need are finishers like what Australia, SA, NZ and SL have.

Cricket is a very unpredictable game. Even a single charge-up player can change the out come of a game. India has always been good when they are chasing a target and that means they they are not chokers. What has happened in the recent matches is that india has failed to restrained their opponents within a particular score. That is the weakness of our bowlers and fielders. Maybe Dravid is not good at making changes in the bowling and proper field placements.

Our expectations from the Indian team are very high .Our expectations incereases with every success.

The next thing is that our players don’t learn from their past faults. They just ignore all their weakness in the previous match and don’t improve on it. Take for example Sehwag. He is always caught out in the same manner in most of his matches. Can’t he change the style of his batting to avoid such shorts.

Even the feilding is also not upto the mark. Australians have the best feilding side.

We have to study and analyse also the Match-fixing Angle !!

Just 5-6 overs before the final over, it becomes almost clear which team is going to win.
At that point the stakes against the losing team is very high.

If someone offers Big Money in the satta market…..
And a cell-phone message is relayed to the captain and team management……. that if you lose now, we’ll offer you Rs 100 Crores……

Well, in that case anything can happen !!

(you never really know)

The main problem with the Indian players is that they lack
the determination, lack of application, fighting spirit and do or die attitude

You are absolutely right.I think the selectors have to be more strict from now and drop players who are not doing well.After all India is a country with huge population and so talent is abundantly available.

Due to over confidence.

lack of presence of mind and low confident

indian team is too strong. the planning is very well.

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