Why do Liberals Continue to say that Conservatives are standing in the way of Green Energy?

Simply put, we support what works and is economically feasible… “Common Sense”…

Even with Billions thrown at it, Wind and Solar are HUGE Failures…

Why can’t Liberals and Democrats understand something SO Obvious?


Because they hate real world economics and practicality, the cost of the electric to run those cars would make every ones home energy bill sky rocket and require much more coal burning , there are no recharging stations anyway, and solar panels wont even keep you in hot water let alone heat the house or provide cooking electric. The technology isn’t there and free enterprise will eventually work if left alone, but until then they left wants to throw money that we dont have at it

Conservatives seem to feel that any science that doesn’t have immediate financial payoffs is a failure and not worth spending on. Heck, sometimes a conservative will be a little behind the times and criticize $1 million for honeybee research at exactly the time everyone was wondering why all the bees died that year.

There is a lot wrong with the way green energy works in this country–it seems to happen a lot when you get politicians in the middle of it. Subsidizing people who are experimenting with solar now doesn’t make sense, unless that is a cheaper way to encourage research into more efficient solar than simply giving money for research (which seems doubtful). What is obvious is that if they can make harnessing solar energy more efficient, that it seems to be the easiest to collect–no drilling, mining, just put some panels on the roof or in a field and be done. When the problem with something is that it is too expensive, usually that is a small technological hurdle–you simply need to find a cheaper way.

But that won’t happen in this country, our ridiculous two-party system has no sense. There is no way we would invest in the technology for green energy without subsidizing it’s use even though it probably isn’t ready for use yet. But that’s how it goes–you’re either green and in favor of both, or you’re anti-green and oppose both. If you want common sense, the government is the wrong place to look.

Because conservatives do not support making green energy “economically feasible”. They look at the status quo and say, “it won’t work”, instead of saying “we need to change to make it work”. In places where the infrastructure supports wind and solar, those energy sources are successful. But in order to make it feasible across the country, major investment is needed to upgrade the infrastructure; and conservatives are against that.

It’s the same with electric cars. We don’t currently have the capability to support electric cars across the country. There are no “electric stations” where cars can go to “fill up” their battery. The grid can’t support that.

But ask a conservative to invest in upgrading the national electric grid, and he’ll tell you it’s not “economically feasible”.

often, ideas aren’t “feasible” right at the start… like the internet or computers…

but they become feasible as technology advances and often that early work lays the ground work for great advances later on…

in short, how do you make an energy efficient solar cell at a decent price… if you never WORK on solar cells in the first place?

we wouldn’t have the computers we have today without the comically inefficient computers made in the 50s

I wish I knew the answer to that. Spain went along with Obamas plan and as a result they have 25% unemployment and are in huge financial trouble. California is going along with a lot of it and they have the highest unemployment in the country. Liberals see their ideas fail in the real world but they keep pushing them. Gun bans in Chicago and DC increased crime but liberals still support getting rid o the 2nd amendment.

Liberals value trees and dumb animals over human life. We will be penalized for breathing out co 2 under Al Gore’s psychotic insanity.

Is “Green Energy” when you blow so much money on an energy company that you might as well have just burnt the cash as a source of light? Because yeah, I am against that for sure.

I think they believe that government can continue to throw away billions upon billions of taxpayer money on ideas that are not financially viable, because if they were, private industry would be producing those systems.

Because ‘Green Energy’ is code for government-controlled socialism.

Because they are soooooooo much smarter and know what’s best for us.

Besides, incandescent light bulbs are the debbil’s work.

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