Who poses the greater threat to our nation, Catholics or Muslims?

A car bomb was used last night.
And in the past, the IRA have killed others.
And Catholic terrorist groups are just as likely to kill again.

So at the moment, who poses the greater threat of terrorism?

Religions are always subject to being misinterpreted by nutters and as such it is entirely as the result of individuals that faiths get branded as ‘extremist’. I’ve met fairly militant atheists with the capacity to be more harmful than those behind the examples you cite. As such, neither Catholicism nor Islam is a threat in and unto itself, but the threat lies with the degenerates that practice atrocity in the name of God – who perpetuate the ignorant notion that religion is dangerous per se.

Muslim immigrants from Pakistan who falsely pose as “patriots” of Great Briton are the greatest threat. They are like a fourth column — a covert threat from within. They deceive gullible readers into the belief that the faux patriot is actually a British born citizen. By doing so they are able to inject agitprop into legitimate forums in favor of their Pakistani muslim brothers. Be warned about False Patriots.

At least they, the Catholics, gave a warning and targeted a Civic Building, not that this justifies what they did. The chances of going back to the bad days when the IRA were killing many innocents is hopefully in the past.
The Muslim attacks have been aimed at civilian targets with no warnings and have tried to kill and maim as many people as possible, why not put a link up to what they have done?

Atheists… At least Catholics and Muslims recognize God… However, it has been the Crusades that were caused by the rivalry between the Catholic Church and the Muslims that has resulted in a lot of deadly wars and unnecessary hate.


The IRA were about making statements, often giving people time to evacuate.

Muslim terrorists are truly blood thirsty. In New York they got thousands at once. And the London bombings they got 50 odd.

“Catholic Terrorist Groups”…pfft…will you people ever wise the f*** up!

Read NI’s history, its real history. The only people who brought religion into it were the powers that be.

And if the BNP get into power, Muslims will have reason to retaliate also. However, I think you’ll find Islamification as more of a threat.

Get your English dog *** out of Northern Ireland and they will stop posing a threat to you.

Irish Catholics may pose a threat to the UK but radical Islam poses a threat to the world.

Read the book called “They are either Extremely Smart or Extremely Ignorant” and you will clearly know who poses the greater threat to our nation. Download it from here: http://extremelysmart.wordpress.com/download-my-book/


The NDP and Chavs are a bigger threat to the UK than Catholics or Muslims are. Muslims make up 1% of the UK’s population, and the vast majority of them are quite moderate.

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