Who are the most universally hated tennis players?

Well the other day I asked about the most well liked players, now for most universally hated. Personally, I think everyone hates Robin Soderling just because he is so unlikeable. For the WTA I think it is a toss up between Nadia Petrova and Jelena Jankovic. JJ is just a faker who uses the WTA’s flawed rule book…

i honestly believe that there is no one person, that is universally hated in tennis.. (at least no one really comes to mind..)
there are players that everyone just really loves, but no one that everyone really really hates…
I have never really heard anyone say that they hated Soderling..
& as for Jankovic shes alright, not everyone in the tennis world absolutely hates her, same for Petrova no one really hates her..

I would have to say that none of the top 5 or 6 players are universally hated (except for one…) Murray continues to be hated by all the non British hopeful tennis fans….you ARE right though, for some reason I just don’t like Nadia even though she hasn’t really done anything mean and she still seems like a nice person, but there’s something about her that makes me not like her, can’t explain it….Soderling definitely deserves to be on the list since pretty much half of all tennis fans are Rafa fans and there MUST be another big majority that doesn’t like him (although can you blame them?). Gonzalez isn’t too well liked because of the whole Olympics issue with the Americans, although few people ever show their disgust. From what I’ve been seeing in the tennis section for me entire time here is that Davydenko isn’t well liked either because he’s so boring to watch. Stepanek and Karlovic don’t get much love either. JJ isn’t THAT bad, she seems personable, but the people who have already said this are right – a lot of people seem to have it out for the Williams Sisters for their attitude. I don’t know why people have a bone to pick with Dinara, it’s not HER fault that she became #1, she just tried to end up winning as many matches as possible and one day it just came to her, so I guess its her fault for winning a lot of matches?

What I hate is the sport of Tennis allowing dopers to dope up during a match when they are losing. Serena Williams comes back in the match and wins and taking wins she clearly doesn’t deserve. They allow it to continue. That is not a real winner but a big time loser.I don’t feel the respect I use to for Tennis like I did when real players were out there loving the sport loving the game and pushing themselves to their real natural potential. They should just set her up a table on the side of the court so she can dope up right there. May as well.

Federer, Roddick, Nadal, Agassi, Sampras Jankovic, Davenport, Kirilenko, Seles, Graf, Kournikova

Roin Soderling? Really? I’m not sure about “generally hated” but no love lost between him and Nadal, that’s for sure. Either than that, he seems like a nice guy. I would add guys like Lleyton Hewitt (who did make a list of “Most hated athletes”, Alex Bogomolov is surely the biggest ashole on the tour, ill mannered and the most foul attitude on the court. You’re just waiting for either Nadal or Federer ro take him to the cleaners on the courts. I fully agree with your WTA players. Jankovic annoys the living hell out of me

Federer, Nadal and Roddick are the most appreciated players on earth. Take any player against these one and he’ll become nearly universally disliked. Who can hate Federer’s class and serenity; or Nadal’s enthusiasm and determination; or Roddick’s jokes, in fault of having better words to qualify that. And their excellent players. So, any enemy to these become very disliked, although I doubt it generates hate.

Soderling took out Nadal. Yes, Nadal did nothing to help himself and Soderling did played a very solid game, but try to argue that with some of his fans!

As for women, I don’t watch WTA games; only follow Federer, Roddick and some rare ATP matches here and there.

I don’t think there’s really any male players that people love to hate at the moment, they’re all pretty well supported by their fans. The WTA however, I’m gonna have to say Serena Williams because of her unprofessionalism during her comments about World No. 1 Safina. I personally thought it was very ignorant of her to make those comments as she is fully aware of what she needs to do to get to the top, it’s the type of stuff you’d expect from a newcomer. Also, the fact that most years at the Wimbledon Women’s Final it’s Serena vs. Venus doesn’t help. I dunno, i’m just assuming people would find that kind of annoying, I do. I think alot of people have grown to respect Jelena Jankovic. It’s all down to opinion really 😛

p.s loving the name, James Blake is amazing!

I hate serena and Venus. They are hideous. Their grunts are like gorillas mating on the national geographic channel. But they can play tennis. My point is that there are good and bad aspects to tennis players so they cannot be universally hated. But seriously I wish they were hated because I it is so aqward to watch tennis with their disgusting grunts!!

I think it’s Justine Henin… for lying in at the French Open against Serena and for quitting as she was losing in a final for a “stomach ache”

Also, Mary pierce because she liked to stop the match and get a back massage during a match

Lastly, I don’t like James Blake because he chokes all the time and I do not like to watch him play

I dont like James Blake, sucks at tennis.

Andy Murray. He’s only liked in Britain.

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