Which is worse for America – McCain or Obama?

I would probably pick Obama [fer yer mama!] over John “Hundred Years” McCain any day.

Your opinion?

Barack Obama will mess up this already messed up economy even worse than John McCain will.

The plans of Barack Obama that I have seen are merely copies of the Jimmy Carter plans that Carter had for the economy.

Essentially Barack Obama plagiarized his plans from the old Carter administration.

Unfortunately the Jimmy Carter plans were a disaster for the economy.

They will not work any better in a Barack Obama Presidency than they did for Jimmy Carter.

That relies upon on no remember if 2000 McCain or 2008 McCain took place of work. 2000 McCain appeared like a intense-high quality, elementary guy; 2008 McCain appeared frightening out of control. Extrapolating, 2010 McCain would in all probability be out in front of the White homestead yelling, “hiya, you young ones! Get off my Ellipse!” (much less high priced shot? confident. Sorry a minimum of somewhat.)

They are all bad for this country,mainly because they are all the same,with very minor differences.They are all CFR members.Trilateral Commision members.Do your homework people.It doesnt matter who wins.Republican or Democrat.They work for the same people.The Rockefellers,The Bildebergers,the Elite Zionists who are moving us into globalism.No more Nation.Dont you see?The only one who is not a CFR member is Ron Paul.So you see why he was blacklisted.He had good things in mind for this country.But there are powers that will never allow freedom.They don’t care about you.Check out interviews with Alex Russo on youtube.He was on his deathbed recently,and he decided to let us know what he knows.You will quite saddened when you see what the world bankers have been planning for a long long time.Also investigate Codex Alimentarius…….very sad.We have to wake up America.

This hundred year thing keeps coming up often . Just what is wrong with having American outposts all over the world ? We ‘ve been in Germany and Japan for over sixty years already and have no plans to leave . The Germans and Japanese like it that way . In fact Japan became one of the richest countries in the world because they didn’t need any army or navy of their own while we were there .
Every thing about Obama seems to be anti-American. He;s been soaking in Uncle Jerry’s hate and lies for half of his life .

If you think the usa is doing good..your for McCain..which is insane.

Barack is the choice! I want this country back on track. I don’t care about Dems or Rep. I just want the country to get back on track. All these cheerleaders for a candidate make me laugh. I’m cheering for the USA! Period and the Reps have crapped on the USA for 8 years.

I would say that McCain is worse because he wants to stay the course in Iraq.

I believe that Obama is worse for the US. Although McCain is old, he has a lot of experience and I love that. He has my vote

McCain hands down…
Do you even understand the hundred year comment in the first place?
We have soldiers stationed all over the world, from past wars, we have soldiers in Germany, in S. Korea, and will probably have a base in Iraq after we leave. Its not like we would stay in Iraq for a hundred years, that would be imperialism, which is already outdated by a hundred years…
Wake up people, seriously!

Have you ever trusted anyone 71 years old to fix the crises this country has been going through trust me they forget alot and don’t care about 10 years from now cuz they wont be there …

Barack Milhouse Obama!

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