What’s your IQ? My is so bad… Anyone better? Whats your fav IQ ad from Celebs?

Mines Britney Spears LOL 109! Stupid Girl… or Miley Cyrus with 95! LOL! well mines 139… Obamas like 129 so YEAH OH I CAN BE YOUR PRESIDENT!

they make up the numbers on the adds. mine is 128. one time i saw an add that said vanessa hudgens iq was 93… i laughed

Sarah Palin IQ 135

a hundred thirty five equals extremely clever. you’re able to no longer particularly think of of intelligence in terms of sturdy or undesirable. each and every human beings has what we’ve and this is what we do with it that counts. nevertheless favourite intelligence could be one hundred, this is easily 104. i think of one hundred is the median score and 104 is the recommend. one hundred forty is declared to be genius point. DIY IQ tests tend to overestimate your IQ. IQ is somewhat precis yet once you fairly need to comprehend your suited score, pass to an academic psychologist. you’re in all threat clever yet no longer quite as clever by way of fact the %. shows.

Last test I took said 138.

180 is mine and i dont think they really know celebs iq’s i think it’s all a joke

you know those IQ ads aren’t real right? the IQ numbers change when you refresh them…

i was 162 and how goofy i act and stuff im like wow….lol.


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