What do you think of multiculturalism? Frankly, I’m not against diversity, but there is a new study I think

Shows assimilation to be preferable to multiculturalism. People are taking what they want out of it, though.

What do you think?


“IT HAS BECOME increasingly popular to speak of racial and ethnic diversity as a civic strength. From multicultural…

I grew up in a high school famous for it’s diversity. Jesse Jackson spoke there becasue we had about 25% asians, Hispanics, caucasians and African Americans. Most of us hang around our own kind. Only a handful of us interact. Of the places I work only two of the 6 did not have racial tension. One of the two had no diversity. Most people hang with their own race.

As to the article, diversity help with trade. People of other cultures see things differently and it helps to develop new ideas and products. People with experience with different culture can help export goods to foreign countries. Socially it’s a disaster. I end up in many fights between races. People get this attitude to respect my culture with out considering to respect others.
To me culture is an unwritten rule for everyone in a community to get along together. If there is more than one rule, then conflict would exist. I’m not saying one culture is better than another. Each culture has its positives and negatives. I;m saying the culture that developed in that land should hold supreme. That culture was developed in that particular environment.

What has made our country so grand is that it’s people came from all over the world and did initially form ethnic neighborhoods, such as the Irish, Italian, and Jewish. But as time went on and because of the public school systems and such we all became Americans. The problem today is that those that immigrate today both illegally and legally, because planes, email and many come from short distances there are no need to cut the ties So instead of becoming apart of the larger group over time, they settle in enclaves that just reinforce their ties to their home counties. For the most part we have been a melting pot, but as time goes on we are being a salad bowel, the problem with that is when will the the salad become heavy on only one ingredient, and become the main course

America is a pluralistic society,has been and always will be, America is not a melting pot and never has been(American Whites were very picky) in the past as to who they would except in this Mythical melting pot.We are more of a Mosaic
With each multicultural piece fitting together to form America.
The Melting Pot has only been a Myth, And the founding fathers enforced racist laws though out this countries history , that were only repealed 40 some years ago. Now thanks but, No Thanks, I am keeping my own culture.

Additional Info.
I am American, I was born here as my family was in the Southwest when it was Mexico. I did not come from Any where, I am a Mexican American, That means that I am Bi-lingual and Bi-cultural I am able to live in the English speaking America and the Spanish speaking world and I did it successfully, I am proud to be an American veteran, I’m (Was)a professional retired now and a University of Arizona graduate. Most of you did not address the question “shows Assimilation is preferable to Multiculturalism” . In my school days in 1940s the prime function of the school system was to make a little brown Anglo out of me, If I talk Spanish I was beaten and during the course of those beatings made me more determined to retain my language and cultural. The person that said in E Pluribis Unim in many one is what the school system tried to instill in me by force and it did not work. Looks good on a coin but in reality does not work.
I lived the American dream , my American Dream not yours.
The concept of America is a beautiful one , that I have never disagreed with. What I disagree with is the Americans that try to force their beliefs of what is America on Others.

I agree with you, assimilation is what made this country great. No one had to forget their native language or anything (except for the Native Americans!) but the simple basic idea was to get in step with the society you’re wanting to be a part of. If you don’t want to be Americanised, why come here? I certainly wouldn’t go to France, Scotland, Brazil & not expect to become part of the general society there. I would consider it arrogant on my part. Why would it be different here?

It would be great if all cultures could simply get along and live peacefully but the reality is that too many differences make that impossible. I’m not anti any culture but I don’t think multiculturalism works. A successful country must have a common bond among it’s people,there must be similarity to survive.

Any time you choose to live in another country and do NOT become a citizen there, you have placed yourself in self-imposed exile. People like that actually have NO home, NO country and are therefore NOT worthy of maintaining their own culture.
Because they also choose NOT to belong where they are at. It becomes a problem when their culture attempts to dominate the host country. There is no way this can be considered a GOOD thing.

These displaced outsiders have chosen to basically isolate themselves, even if they live in their own ethnic group. These are not people with a country, they are people living away from their country in a land they DO NOT LOVE.

Multiculturalism is wonderful for diversity but you have to be cautious to avoid divisions of people and Nationalities.When there is no assimilation then diversity becomes a hindrance.Much as people have to assimilate into society.If you don’t, you become a social recluse or odd in the eyes of others.We have social norms and those who fail to recognize this fall behind in many areas.Too much of anything isn’t good in other words.Extremes in anything creates problems.Extreme eating causes overweight and health problems.Extreme drinking causes health and social issues.I hope I’m making myself clear so I don’t offend anyone.

multiculture is a canadian used word. the us says still melting pot. that means that you mix you mingle and you a free to practice your religion at home but mainstream mixing at school and on the job.

in the us alone there are over 25 mil and growing, mix race kids.

most american’s cannot tell you for sure what thier ancestry is anymore. most are proud of thier multiple mixes. not so in mexico or canada.

there are now 65 mil two lanugauage speakers in american homes, and in some homes like ours 3 or more languages. this is quite common and a growing trend in the usa.
not so in canada..

my home state is proof that diversity works.

it is when you do not interact with each other and that is why the melting pot idea needs to keep being pushed not diverstiy where you are sep but equal ideal needs to keep going on.

i do see that many new immigrants especiall wealth ones from mexico and the middle east are far less likely to donate a dime or time to charity.

my hs required a min of 40 hrs to get your diploma. it starts young folks.,

Very interesting article!~ I have heard of this before, it makes sense especially of those cultures that focus on ethnicity- in mexico they teach the children in the schools thru history books that the USA is a theif that stole their land…….no wonder we’re having these problems today- and it’s only half our fault!

That’s the chilling reality R.G.
I could not have said it any better. Multiculturalism festers individually cultured fissures in the societal structure whereby the original country housing them is doomed to fail socially and economically ~not~ thrive.

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