It’s always time for improvement and as Muslims we ALWAYS should strive for such

now please share with us, what is one of your specific goals which you plan to give immediate attention to…one of your short term goals which has become priority to work on for the present amount of…

I am currently trying to learn Arabic. I just started.


I am doing it independently right now.But I have a plan to take a Arabic class soon.

Try this free course :

Download Books: ( Medina 1,2 3):


Videos related to this course: (Watch after you complete a lesson)


You can also buy these books from here:


Yes, i think its very effective. It will give you a strong foundation and make it easier for you if you plan to learn a modern Arabic dialect ( e.g Egyptian, Lebanon, Saudi). Plus you can communicate with anyone who knows the classical Arabic.

Making the dayz count: Even if you are a little genius, it’s not far to take away your childhood. none of this can ever be done again. The days you waste behind your computer can be better spent, even if you are mature and a wonderful contributor in the section. Being here doesn’t make you a bad person, but it WILL make you an awkward adult. You need to socialize when you are young, so you can have healthy relationships as an adult. Calm down: Obviously you can’t handle constructive criticism. I did not say anything wrong, and all your okay’s prove how upset you are at what I have said. Maybe you need to learn to relax. You spend more than enough time on here. The truth is you are supposed to be at least 12 by the administrator guidelines, therefore only proving that you are indeed to young to be here. That is not my rule it is theirs. There is no need for rudeness “OK”?

same group as es ay ar ay… memorizing surah layl
more people should join
[email protected]

The english is not difficult to memorize, so I’m getting there. Not so sure about the arabic though. I can listen to an ayat a hundred times in arabic, but when my mind tries to think the words, it either goes blank or jumbles all the syllables together.

* It says the same thing, but I thought it would be interesting if I could learn both. I’m just finding that with no understanding of the arabic language, it is rather difficult.

It is all good though. I am listening to arabic and english when I normally listen to Quran, so I feel I’m still getting both even without the memorization. I can always go back later and memorize the arabic version when I actually know more arabic.

I’m trying to just be a better Muslim overall. Try to meet new Muslim friends, memorize more Quran, learn more about islam, be a better son, control my anger and have more sabr, be more active in my masjid, and to stop worrying what my non Muslim friends do and just be happy with what I got. I’d love to learn Arabic too, maybe I’m college like u.

like the wonderful ladies trying to memorise the Qur’an .. i am trying too… not much progress .. i am a little nervous that i might memorise it wrong or you know .. as it is my first time.

also i am trying to over-all improve/grow as a Muslim, like i am trying to start reading more than one topic at a time now.. because i think i know very little and time i just slipping by.

i am trying to read the Qur’an more .. translation as i don’t know arabic.

May Allah (swt) help us all suceed in our goals. Ameen.

what are your goals? 😀

I’m working on stabilizing my prayer routine because of stress of particularly difficult family problems, I have had my sleep schedule ruined because of the effects of stress so i miss fajr, and when i am depressed i have not got the energy to pray etc etc.

I just need to straighten things out.

Inshallah i am planning on memorizing the Quran

I grasp things quickly, and I am making wonderful progress, Alhamdulillah

Memorizing the Qur’an.

I found an awesome website, btw:


my biggest goal is praying 5 times. Inshallah it willl happen this year.

perfecting my concentration in salah, i want to feel that peace, that overwhelming feeling whilst im praying. Its quite hard i must say but Insha Allah im getting there.

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