[ POLL ] If all the regulars came to your town to play a game of baseball, would you play or at least show up?

Situation: All the regulars in the baseball section some how meet up in the same town you live in (far fetched I know). Would you go to play a friendly game of baseball or even just show up to watch and cheer the crew on?

A) For sure, that would be cool
B) Maybe, I’d have to think about it
C) Hell no, my…

A) For sure, no question. That would be cool. We could even finish by going to a Brewers game later, or if no baseball game we could all go to Lambeau…we could find scalpers somewhere.

Or if not, we could throw insults back at YS. I’m sure he and his bro would love that.
Lol at D. There’s no ugly users in the baseball section, we all shine!

For the record – I want to play!!!

A and X = haven’t played a competitve game in years but ok I will give it my best shot.
Have it during the offseason. Jorge Cantu is from near here + I want him on my team.

Does my Adirondack 171 have a couple hits left in it or should I phone up Roy Hobbs?
ps. I call either 2B or CF .. my arm isn’t quite what it used to be but I have good range.

Afterwards those of us who are over 21 can enjoy cold beer at South Padre Island (those who aren’t old enough will be hooked up with Squirt, Dr Pepper, Fanta, etc.)

A) That would be the most fun i’d have in a long time! I really wish that could happen! So Count me in too!

X)Im with Yankees Unleash I want to be a pitcher not starting since he’s starting pitcher ! Maybe I’ll be the Closer and Strike Out jandy and Mr.Francisco Lopez as well as the other trolls who ask where can I watch MLB on pc for free while im at it!

A) I would love to play a game of baseball with them.
They all seem like cool people even though i completly suck at baseball. Im starting to get better though.

But i wanna play third base 😀

A) for sure that would be cool. It would neat to play baseball against some of you guys. After that day we all come a way with a wealth of baseball knowledge after we share it with each other. I don’t care what position I play I would just be happy to play.

A) Hope they like small towns in the third smallest state in America (Connecticut) Meh, I could try to hit, since I’m basing my accusations that I suck after trying to play 2 years ago. Maybe I miraculously got better over 2 years without attempting to get better at all 😛

A, I would love to play a friendly baseball game. That would be great.

A! i love all my baseball buddies.

playing baseball with them would be freeeaking awesome 😀

– but i call SS! (im a utility player.) i play anywhere, besides pitcher 😀

X) Then we would getting gatorade coolers, and dump gatorade, on the manager we chose to be our manager, on the winning team.

-i think either you, or scooter should be the manager 😛


Of course! That would be so cool to play baseball with you guys! I call a position in the infield! lol

A) Sure that sounds like fun, but I better bat clean up and pitch or play 1st base.

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