Not A question but horse in NEED please LOOK! hes off to mexico tommarow?

Oky Guys PLEASE dont Flag this question THIS HORSE is In need of a home His owners gave 1 week or hes off to Kill pens which means hes off to mexico. He Is in yakima Washington HES PAID FOR they just need someone to come pick him Up TONIGHT! I Am to far away and my trucks down So im begging Anyone closer to PLEASE…

That ad isn’t passing my smell test.

There are lots of “rescues” and facebook groups and “sanctuaries” in that area that are ran by people who are in bed with the kill buyers and auction owners. There is one lot in Zillah in particular that has a pretty bad reputation for screaming “save him before he goes on the truck” to scam people out of money.

I posted this on another BB that has a lot of members from that area, maybe they can shed some light on the situation or if the horse really is in danger of being shipped they may be able to help.

No legit rescue ships horses to slaughter though. They would euth them first. I have a feeling this horse is sitting on the broker lot waiting for someone to come along pay his “bail”.

The KBs that deal with that particular auction purchase horses that they have no intention of shipping to run these scams and the horses they bring in to actually ship are never seen for adoption or rehoming on the internet.

Did a little digging on the interwebz, looks like this particular rescue *might* be associated with Sam Milbredt, formerly of CBER. She’s known for running scams all over the place regarding horse rescue. Actually her internet nickname is $cam. I’m going to keep digging to see if this information is accurate, but her name has been linked to this rescue in several places.

Final Edit: Ya, this is $camantha Milbredt once again scamming on craigslist to line hers and the kill buyers pockets. Stay far away and whatever you do don’t send them a penny.

I wish i lived closer, i would have taken him.

Im sure he will find a home though, remember last time a bunch of horses were going to slaughter because the old owner died? They all got adopted. And im sure this one will too.

Can you google equine rescues in Yakima, Washington and see if they can help out, at least temporarily? I’m on the east coast so can’t help out, otherwise I’d be there to pick him up. The slaughter houses in Mexico and Canada are BRUTAL. Sure hope he can get rescued.

you should post this up on the forum horse grooming supplies, lots of people go on there, and many horses in similar situations to this one have been saved. Good luck 🙂

they will help him! or look up local rescues!

And sort of. I ride a paso fino who has his basic smooth walk trot canter but he doesn’t do any special gaiting.

Put him on the craigslist there for that area… call the verterinarians in that area as well. Good luck!

call the vets in that area, i wish i could but i live in alabama and i couldn’t get there in time plus my parents will not let me i hope you find someone

I wish I lived closer too!

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