Is the FOX NEWS and/or Hannity still reporting on the “Joe Sestak” scandal? Why or why not? What say you?

They have said nothing on this for weeks. Why?

Don’t know, don’t care. I have a life to live. I’m too busy to stayed glued to the tv.

I do not watch Fox News or Hannity so I cannot tell you.

They knew it had been investigated and found to be baseless, it just made a nice interlude between blaming Obama for not stopping the oil leak and blaming Obama for the economy.

I haven’t heard much about it either, unless it comes up during conversation of the Blago scandal. It’s getting difficult to keep up with the scandals.

I think Pres Bill Clinton was asked to stick his big nose in and lie, saying that he Bill clinton offered the job which I guess is legal.Bill is famous for his lies

well obama does so much damage that fox is limited to the amount of news they can report..

They aren’t reporting on it because Obama was impeached, and forced out of office! I watched Fox News, and I just got back from vacation. It was clear from the reporting Obama bribed him, and would be on the streets.

It was twice as bad as the time Bush’s Education Department gave Amstrong Williams $240,000 “to promote the law(No Child Left Behind) on his nationally syndicated television show and to urge other black journalists to do the same.”

Because like so many other things, they can’t find squat to support their initial rants.

It’s boring.

You have my picture just crossed out! 🙁

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