I need to baby proof my house… any tips?

Any tips to help me baby proof my house would be great…
my son just started crowling so its time..
i put away all the poisons in thehouse where he cant reach them…
i make sure the toilet seat is always closed
i dont have any bugs in the house… and i try really hard to keep the floor speckless cuz he…

One idea could be to try to secure anything that can be pulled on or pulled over. My son just tipped over our floor lamp, landing it on the tile floor. It was cute, but dangerous. Anything with cords that hang down with in easy reach are almost always going to get pulled on. If your tv is in reach he may start pulling up against it and pushing on it, so make sure that it is secure. Outlet plugs are also a really good idea. My baby hasn’t tried to stick anything in the outlets, but he has tried to chew on them.

Another idea could be to watch your baby really closely for a couple of days and see what kind of things he gets into. Sometimes baby proofing can be done in stages since not everything that is going to be harmful is of interest yet. If you have anything in your bathroom or kitchen floor level cupboards that you don’t want played with you could look into cabinet latches. Doors swinging open and shut make really good entertainment, though, so we’ve just moved all of the dangerous stuff up higher.

It sounds like you have your mind on the right track with what you’ve already done. Good luck!

shortly after your baby crawls, they will be pulling up on _everything_. If its not stable, either tether it to the wall, or else move it to another room where they aren’t allowed unsupervised. Also make sure there are no plants w/in reach. Many houseplants are poisonous, and everything goes in the mouth at that age! And if you have things on shelves, either move them up and out of reach. or pack books/DVDs etc in tightly so they can’t pull them off/rip them up. Turning the bottom shelf into a toy or board book shelf is a good idea. And tether any bookcases to the wall so they can’t tip over!! Also tape down any exposed cords, or we also blocked off areas like under the tv stand with pillows so that she can’t reach any cords, etc. We also filled old diaper boxes with books (to make them heavy so they won’t tip) and used them to block off hallways, etc instead of gates, whcih works well until they start wanting to climb (which isn’t for a while). You also need to be careful about any low windows – leaning against just a screen is dangerous, obviously, and ifi you just open it a little they will manage to find dirt in the window track and eat it, lol. Also cords for curtins, etc – stick a thumbtack high up (and very securely, so it doesn’t fall out!) and use it to loop up any window pulls, etc. Bascially no matter how good a job you do, your baby is going to find a way to get into trouble while you aren’t looking 😛 Luckily they are pretty slow at first, so you will have a chance to learn just what you didn’t think of, lol, usually before any harm comes of it. And keep in mind that baby proofing is a continuous process – when thye grow another inch they can reach a whole new table or shelf, for instance. And you need to make sure you get in the habit of putting everythign away or up high when you come in from an errand, etc. It does not good if you cleared the room of hazards and then, w/o thinking, dump a plastic bag from Target on the floor and leave it there all day.

Stair gates
Make sure any appliances have either short leads or that they are never dangling over the side. Never leave a iron on the iron board if you walk away from it when he is about even for a minute.
He must find some dirt in his life otherwise he will not gain immunity to infection.

Do you have cabinet locks?Don,t put heavy objects up high. You might think this is strange but get down to his level and look around ans see what you see. Also put a big fake mirror on his level,babies love to see themselves in a mirror,it should keep baby busy for a while.

keep bathroom doors closed basement doors put safety gates in front of stairs and cabinet locks on cabinets and oven lock even the bottom drawer of the oven move plants out of babys reach put electric outlet covers in outlets keep electric cords out of reach get a garbage can lock so baby cant open the garbage can


I put latches on all my lower kitchen cupboards and drawers…
I also put a baby gate going up my stairs and at the top of the stairs…Good luck…its a fun time when they start moving around!!

cover electrical outlets

pad any sharp edges on the baby’s level

look for any small swallowable (made up word) objects on floor level

watch for things like televisions, shelves etc. that the baby may pull down on top of herself

Outlet covers and secure bookshelves etc to the wall.

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