How do you become level 2 in yahoo answers?

How do you become level 2 in yahoo answers?

You need 250 points.

Earning points-
log in ( 1 point each day.)
Receive best answer ( 10 points)
Answer your daily limit of questions ( 2 points each answer)
Choose Best answer for your question ( 3 points)
Choose Best answer for another question ( 1 point. 0 points for no best answer.)
Recieve thumbs up on best answers ( 1 point each thumbs up. up to 50 are counted.
win appeal ( 10 points if you win)
You can also take the community guidelines NEW quiz. This can get you up to 20 points.…

Dont loose points-
Ask Questions ( -5 points)
Delete an answer ( -2 points)
Recieve a violation ( -10 points)
Appeal and Loose (- another 10 points)

Level 1. 1-249 points.
Level 2. 250-999
Level 3. 1,000-2,499
Level 4. 2,500-4,999
Level 5. 5,000-9,999
Level 6- 10,000-24,999
Level 7 25,000+

You can view the chart at…
or by mousing over the About tab at the top of any Yahoo Answers page and click Points and Levels.

I give correct question`s answers and become level 2 yahoo answer.

You need 250 points to move up to the 2nd level. These suggestions will get there in 2-3 days maybe sooner. To move up answer lots of questions, the maximum you can do every day, that’s 20 at your level, you get 2 points for each always trying for best answer theygive you gives you ten points,. before posting a question do a search first, searches are free asking a question costs you five points, but be sure to return and pick best answer that way you get 3 points back. Be sure to vote for undecided questions, you get a point for each vote so up to 20 points each day. To check the complete setup and privileges:…

Answers 20 questions per day and you will reach level 2 soon

You have to answer a certain number of questions
If u go to ur profile it tells u how many more questions u need to answer until u get to the next level.
It’s under the activity summary tab
Hope this helps 🙂

You have to get 250 points. To see how to get to other levels mouse over the about next to My Activity and look on the pull down menu that comes and click on points and levels.

Answer A Lot Of questions, And Try to not ask any questions.

By answering a lot of questions. Or having your answers being chosen for best answer.

I just answer questions even if i dont know the answers. Then i get points and sometimes even accidentally get best answer.

You need 250 points to get to level 2
This link should help you.…

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