Excluding Kobe Bryant would you say the Lakers would get to NBA Western Conference Finals easily?

Kobe is the real deal but I think the fact he has a better team helps him. This lineup is still deadly.


I think in a lineup like this Gasol scores 20-22, Artest scores 18, Odom 16, Bynum 16, Fisher 8 which is 80 points and the bench could still get them 20 to…

they will be like the 1994 version of the bulls when michael jordan didn’t play that season and almost went to the east finals

Let’s not forget Gasol lead mediocre Grizzles squads to 45, 50 and 49 win seasons and the playoffs 3 in the western conference!

Just imagine what he would do on a stacked Lakers team with Odom, Ron Artest, Bynum and Fisher.

The Lakers defiantly make a deep playoff run but there not going to win a championship without there best player and closer Kobe Bryant.

the west is the superior conference in the nba. while the lakers, sans kobe bryant, have enough talent to make the playoffs and challenge the elite teams in the west, i don’t think they would get there easily. it is too tough a conference, and teams like denver and dallas have elite players that are capable of carrying their teams on their back–melo and dirk. while gasol is a great player, i think he is a better 2nd option than the top dog. the lakers would still need a go to guy at crucial moments of a game, and there is none better than kobe bryant. with out him, they are a very good team. with him, they are arguably the best.

Easily? Last year WITH Kobe they had trouble getting there and actually winning it. I don’t think the Lakers without Kobe can get there. Who is going to close out games? Nobody. Gasol has been choking this year when given the opportunity to make a play in crunch time. Nobody on the Lakers besides Kobe can create their own shot so well like Mr.Bryant.

…honestly gasol is the only person you have right. without kobe on the lakers the defence of the other team can play more man to man insted of forcing players to help out. if the lakers didnt have kobe as right now….they wouldnt make it past the 1st round. u cant take a superstar off of any team and expect them to work. hes part of the team they revolve around kobe

They wont go past the 2nd round without Kobe. Because Kobe is the leader of the team and who will bail them out in the crunch time. Lakers are one of the talented teams in NBA but don’t use the potential they have.

properly it ought to take place. Its just about for specific the Lakers would be there and that i think of the Suns can do it!! that’s the main amazing convention finals ever i think of. To have 2 such super unique communities, plus the Shaq-Kobe factor……it can result being one heck of a series. Plus the League could like it because of the fact who does not desire to confirm those 2 communities interior the convention Finals

What should be scary for most fans is that the Lakers are tough to beat even if Kobe doesnt play. The Lakers going 9-2 without Gasol to open the season and 4-1 without Kobe and Bynum is SCARY. This might be the deepest team since Phils Jordan/Pippen/Rodman team

I don’t really think so but that’s no different from anyone else. Playoff teams always have at least one superstar who can open things up for everyone else like Kobe.

how many playoff games has gasol won as the go to guy? oh thats right 0

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