Does anyone have a legitimate reason the Cubs can’t win it all this year?

The only reason I hear is that they haven’t won it all in 100 years (it’s actually only been 99 for you bandwagon Cubs haters). This is the unintelligent answer. Any baseball fan knows that before 2004 and 2005 the Red Sox and White Sox both had a streak of over 85 years without a championship. If they…

They look better than they have in a long time. Just keep in mind that we aren’t even at the all-star break yet. Even if the Cubs make the World Series (and I would love to see them do it) they still have to face the best the AL has to offer. I don’t know if you have been keeping up with the AL but they have some pretty good teams too.

The Cubs are by far and away the best the NL has to offer right now. The NL is a bit shaky, though, and has been over the past few years. The Mets were supposed to be all that last year and then they had one of the biggest meltdowns of all time and now they are a 0.500 team this year. The Rockies got on a roll and dominated the NL only to be swept in the World Series and their answer to that is to be the worst team in the NL West (at this point the worst division in MLB).

I am not saying that the Cubs can’t win it all this year, but I am asking you to give me a ligitimate reason, all things considered, that they will. It isn’t about being able to break a streak. It is about being able to beat all of your competition. I am a long time Red Sox fan that knows better than to say this is this year. I always support my team, but I always remain realistic and realize that anything can happen any given season and it isn’t over until someone holds a trophy.

I think the legitimate reasons for the Cubs not winning this year would be the basic that they are for all good teams –
You never know what can happen injury – wise. While the Cubs are deep, and I think they could survive major injuries to one, and maybe 2 position players, what would happen if Soriano, Ramirez, Soto and Zambrano all missed 6-8 weeks at once?
Anything can happen in a short Series. Unfortunately, the odds of an upset occurring are increased in a short series. The longer the Series, the greater the odds favor the better team. If you enter, let’s say a best of 5, and a couple hitters are in a slump, or Zambrano has one bad outing (or Wood or Marmol) you may have a big hole to dig out of.
But, I can’t really think of any reasons why the Cubs can’t other then the reasons that exist for every team every year.
And anyone who thinks that anything what happened in the last 100 seasons matters, you’re an idiot. Get off their backs – any team can have a bad century.

There is no legitimate argument why they can’t. Baseball is unpredictable and they may or may not make it that far, but there aren’t any glaring problems so far. They have had solid pitching and have allowed the second fewest runs in the NL plus the bats have provided the most runs in the MLB so they have set themselves up to make a good run, but anything can happen down the stretch.

The most common reason people say they can’t is the drought. My response to that is no one on the team has contributed more than 10 years to that drought (Wood is the most tenured continuous member of the team debuting in ’98) and the team has been in the playoffs 3 times in the last decade. Not to mention that 3 of the last 4 teams to win it all hadn’t won it from before 1920 until 2004, a drought very comparable to the Cubs’ current dry spell so I just don’t see where that argument holds up.

Anything can happen these last four months of the 2008 baseball season but the Cubs do look good right now but many of their fans are already acting like the Cubs have the title in their hands but way too many baseball games yet to be played but I wouldn’t mind seeing the Cubs win the World Series but take one game at a time

Any team can always be the one to win it all. Look at the Cardinals. Who wins a World Series with a regular season totaling 84 wins?? The Cardinals did that’s who! The Cubs are playing really well & they will just have to step it up a notch or two to beat the Diamondbacks & take the NLCS. I am not completely familiar with every regular player the Cubs put on the field every night, but Zambrano has been pitching very well, Soriano is on a tear and your greatest “X” factor is you have one helluva great manager. Good Luck!

It’s Baseball! Anything can happen. In 1969, the Cubs looked unbeatable for better than 2/3’s of the season; hitting, pitching, defense, they had it all, including a solid lead in their division. When the season was over, they were sitting home again, and the Mets were on their way to the post season, and history. Baseball HAS to be the least predictable of sports…

Haters always say that the Cubs fans always blame the goat BUT…. on questions like this all they have is “the Cubs are Cursed”

Eamus Catuli

I think everyone wants the Chicago ****, but we just don’t want to write it because we don’t want to jinx them.

It seems like whenever they have a great season something absurd happens, like when a Black Cat ran into the Cubs dugout, or they have a bad fielding play, like Alex Gonzalez’s 2- out error in the eigth inning of game 6 of the 2003 NLCS, or one of their fans gripes about winning it all, like game 6 of the NLCS, when Bernie Mac was singing “Take me Out to the Ballgame” at Wrigley field, but instead of saying “cubbies”, he said “champs”.

a legit answer is the starting pitching , its tuff to see the cubs match up top 3 or 4 pitchers zambrano is an ace but who is second lilly who has a high era , dempster who by years end will have pitched more innings than the last 3 years,hill back in the minors, marquis just hold your breathe, or gallagher who is a rookie. thats my argument for why they wont win it all.

I would only predict that they’re gonna win it all this year if baseball season is nearing the end and when it’s playoff time

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